How To Use TTS In Discord

TTS, short for Text-to-Speech, is a useful tool for those that need extra help using Discord or for those who like playing around on a server. Officially, it’s an accessibility option for visually impaired users, but anyone can use it with their messages as well. If you’re having some trouble accessing the feature, don’t worry, we got you covered. Here’s a quick tutorial that can show you how to turn on and use TTS in Discord.


While primarily designed for voice chat, Discord has a healthy text chat community too. With that in mind, a lot of people prefer to use text channels instead of using the mic. As a consequence, communicating through the platform can be challenging for those with either hearing or visual impairments.

Fortunately, there’s a TTS feature that can help people that are having trouble reading messages on the channels. For those who don’t know, Text-to-Speech is a method of turning text into spoken words. It uses machine learning and robotic voices to create audio from text messages.

If you find it difficult to read messages in Discord, using TTS could offer some help. Some TTS systems use recorded words to create sentences, while others use a synthesized voice. Follow our guide below to learn how to enable and use this feature on the platform.

How to turn on Text-to-Speech in Discord

Since you can’t use the Text-to-Speech feature on Discord by default, you have to turn the feature on before you can use it. Fortunately, it takes just a second to turn it on and could make a real difference to your experience, so it is worth checking out.

Before we get started, take note that the TTS feature is only available on the desktop app and web client of Discord. So if you’re using the mobile app, switch your devices and access the platform on your computer.

Without further ado, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to enable the Text-to-Speech feature on Discord.

On your Desktop:

  1. Open the Discord desktop app or web client and sign-in.
  2. Select the gear icon next to your username at the bottom to access the Settings.

  3. Under the App Settings section, click Text & Images.

  4. Scroll down and enable usage of /tts command under Text-to-Speech.

To change the TTS notifications on your device, head over to Settings > Notifications. You can choose to enable the feature for your current server or apply it to all of them.

That’s all you need to do. For those who got problems with their vision, we recommend turning Text-to-Speech on for all channels. However, it can be a nuisance in case you encounter spammers that use the feature too much.

Also, take note that setting the TTS notifications for all channels can be messy and confusing at times. If you’re on a large server, expect to hear a lot of voices from different people that are using the feature.

Using Text-to-Speech in Discord

Now that you enabled TTS, you can now use it on your chats. With the help of a command, you can now convert text to audio that everyone on the server can hear, given that they turned on the feature on their account.

To use Text to Speech, type the ‘/tts’ command before your message and send it. For example, type ‘/tts I am awesome’ and hit Enter into a channel.

After sending it on a channel, you and other TTS users should hear a robotic voice that reads the username of the sender and the message out loud. If you’re not fond of the feature, you can always turn it off on your Text & Images settings.

One thing to remember about the two settings, the one in Notifications and the one in Text & Images, is that they are both completely separate. If you disable one, it does not affect the other. So if you want to lock down TTS on your Discord app, you need to disable both of the settings on your account.

To wrap things up

Text-to-Speech in Discord is an accessibility option that can help the visually impaired when communicating in a channel. It converts messages to audio so that you don’t have read your chats.

Although using the feature is a bit of fun for everyone for a while, it gets pretty old and dull quickly. Especially if you encounter spammers that use TTS a lot, hearing robot messages every time can be quite annoying.

That’s all from our guide about using the Text-to-Speech feature on Discord! If you want to view more tips, tricks, and tutorials, hit the bookmark button, and don’t forget to visit us regularly for our daily updates.