How To Turn On The Firestick Screensaver

Do you love looking at the screensavers on your Fire TV? The default Firestick screensavers are truly breathtaking. They have that “wow” factor. These photos are beautiful sceneries of actual places scattered around the world. 


Each photo has a story to tell. Each scenery has something unique about it. Of course, you can also set any album you like as a screensaver. You can upload your own pictures and save the folder you want to see. But, now that you have your screensaver all set up, how do you turn it on?

We will answer that question for you. Here is how you can set the Firestick screensaver to turn on whenever you feel like it.

The Amazon Fire TV will activate the screensaver by default when you are idle for a while. It will display the images you have selected as a screensaver or the default images it currently has. If you want to toggle the settings for the screensaver to turn on when you want, just follow the steps. You will do it in no-time. So, let’s begin. 

Step 1

First, turn on your Fire TV. Next, go to the “Settings” menu. It is the button you see in the top bar of the screen. Select it to open the menu. 

Step 2

Go to the third option from the menu and select “Display & Sounds”. If you can’t find it, see the screenshot below. 

Step 3

Open the first option from the menu. That is the “Screen Saver” button. Click on it. It will take you to the Screensaver settings. 

Step 4

This is the menu you are looking for. Here you can play around with the Screensaver settings. You can add the pictures you like. If you want the screensaver to start sooner, you can toggle the “Start Time”. For example, let’s say you want the screensaver to start quickly. 

You can toggle the 5 minutes timer. That means that if you are idle for 5 minutes, the screensaver will start after 5 minutes. You can set the timer however you want. It can start sooner or later. It’s completely up to you.

So, choose the timer you want for the screensaver to start playing. This is the only option you can toggle the screensaver whenever you feel like it.


The Firestick screensaver is a cool feature that plays in the background when you are idle for some time. If you want to see that screensaver more often, or you want it to play sooner, you can do it. All you have to do is choose the timer option from the Screensaver settings. You can select when you want the screensaver to start. 

It is a handy feature that you will love. If you had no idea it was there, now you know how to access it. From the same settings menu, you can toggle all the features you want for the screensaver. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below.