How To Turn On Or Off Bumble Notifications

Talking about Bumble, it is a popular dating app that anyone can use to meet single people to date and to make a relationship. With time, the number of users has increased a lot, and it has emerged as one of the most popular apps after the Tinder in the field of online dating.


Even though a greater number of people are using the app, some people are feeling irritated while using the app. The reason behind this is Bumble’s frequent and unwanted notification. You will not like to hear that irritating beeping sound frequently when you are working or busy in doing something important.

You might have been using the app for months. But now realize that it is not offering you the result of this is not something exactly you wanted for all the time. Furthermore, now you are not getting the right matches, or you don’t have enough time to spend on Bumble. But as long as you have the app installed on your phone, it will keep sending you notifications. So, how can you stop the notification from Bumble app? Well, the process is quite easy. All you need to follow some simple steps and you are done with it. So, let’s get started with it.

Some information about notification on Bumble

In Bumble app, you will get eight types of notifications. Besides, there is an in-app vibration which you can on or off easily. When you create a profile on Bumble, you will be asked whether you want to get a notification. If you set it ‘Yes’ you will become a subscriber of Bumble notification. In this stage, if you set it ‘No,’ then you will not receive any notification.

Changing Bumble’s notification subscription

There are two primary ways through which you can manage the notification subscription. The first one will be from the phone setting, and the second one is from the Bumble settings.

Canceling notification on the phone

     1.  Go to setting

After that, you can find Notification icon. Click on that.  Once done, you will be at the menu which contains all the app notifications. There you can change the notification by setting it On or Off.

     2.  Locate the Bumble App

Inside the Notification settings, you will see the Bumble app. Click on it. By this, you will go to the Bumble app notification setting menu.

notification setting menu

      3.  By changing the button located in the top right corner, you can block all the notifications from the app. You will find the ‘Allow Notification’ option. If it is turned on, just click on it to turn it off.


Cancelling notifications in Bumble App

Sometimes, you still might get Bumble app notification, even if you have turned off the notification on your smartphone. So, here you need to visit Bumble setting and turn off them one by one.

       1.  Log into Bumble

While you are in the App, go to the profile and then click on Settings. This will open up a menu, where you can turn off or on all the notification. Here you can even find Logout and Delete Bumble account option. Click on Notification settings.

Notification settings

       2.  Cancelling notifications

You will find two types of notifications, i.e., email or push notification. By default, you will find the email notification turned off. All you need to turn off other notification by clicking on the yellow button located in the upper right corner of your screen.

Turn off or on notification through Snooze

Just imagine, you get into a relationship, and for some time you don’t want to use the app. So, how can you turn off the notification for the particular period? Well, Bumble has made it easy for you by offering you Snooze option. This option lets the users stop showing up notification related to potential matches for a week, months, or more. All you need to select an away message, and that’s it. To enable this:

  1.  Open the Bumble app on your smartphone.
  2.  Now head to setting and choose Snooze mode.
Bumble app

3.  There you need to put all the required information and the duration for what you want to remain invisible.


4. On the next screen, you need to put the reason then click on OK. That’s it.

bumble next screen

There is no doubt that dating apps are getting popular with time, and they offer a perfect platform to meet new people. Some apps are great while, some apps can irritate you through those unwanted notifications. However, Bumble has provided you with a lot of options through which you can easily manage the notifications. Use the app as per requirement without facing any issue with the notifications.