How To Turn Off Predictive Text On Gmail

If you’re using Gmail for quite some time, you probably notice suggestive texts as you write an email. Although this handy at times and can help you write faster, not everyone is fond of it. Some people find it distracting and annoying, especially if the suggestions are way off the mark. If you’re one of them, check our guide below and learn how to turn the Smart Compose feature off.


Over the years, Gmail went through a lot of changes to improve their quality of service. Whether its design updates or new features, they always new things to help users manage and write their emails efficiently.

One of these upgrades is Smart Compose, a feature that uses machine learning to predict how you finish sentences and to provide useful recommendations as you write. It can also adapt and learn how you generally write to give you custom suggestions that can help preserve your style of writing.

While these suggestions can help write emails faster, not everyone finds it helpful. Some people see them as distractions that can disrupt their train of thought as they write. If you agree with them or you find these features as a breach of your privacy, we’re here to help you.

In this guide, we will teach you how to turn off custom suggestions and the Smart Compose feature. By the end of this article, you no longer have to bother with these writing recommendations as you write emails.

Disable Smart Compose on Gmail

Take note that Smart Compose is entirely different from Smart replies. While the latter inspect email messages and generates an appropriate response that you can use, the former gives you suggestions as you write.

Now that you know the difference between the two features, you can go ahead and check our quick step-by-step guide to turn off predictive texts on your account.

For users on their computer:

  1. Open Gmail.
  2. At the upper right corner of your screen, click Settings (gear icon) > See all settings.

  3. Under the “General” tab, scroll down and look for “Smart Compose.”
  4. Select “Writing Suggestions off.”

If you still see predictive text while composing an email, turn off grammar suggestions as well. Go to your settings page, and under “General,” select “Grammar suggestions off.”

For those who use the Gmail app on Android, follow these steps below:

  1. At the top left corner of your screen, tap the three horizontal lines to open the menu.

  2. Tap Settings and select your account.

  3. Under the “General” section, tap Smart Compose to turn it off. Make sure that there is no check on the box.

There you go! You’re now free to compose emails as you wish, without any distracting suggestions that show up as you write. If you ever change your mind, you can follow these steps as well to toggle the feature back on.

Help Writing Suggestions Improve

I hope that you understand that the AI isn’t perfect, and the Smart Compose feature has its shortcomings. There are times where it doesn’t provide accurate information that satisfy the user.

With that in mind, you can do your part by sending feedbacks or reporting issues that may help in improving writing suggestions. All you need to do is head over to Settings and click on “Feedback on Smart Compose suggestions.”

Turn off Custom Suggestions

If you think that Smart Compose is a useful feature, but you find yourself uncomfortable with the idea of Gmail analyzing your writing patterns, don’t worry. You can turn off the custom option and choose to receive general suggestions instead.

  1. Visit Gmail and sign-in to your account.
  2. At the top of your screen, click Menu > See all settings.
  3. Under “General” settings, turn Smart Compose Personalization off.

Note: You can only change these settings through your computer. It is not available on the Gmail app.

To Sum It All Up

By default, Gmail gives out suggestions that show up as you write your email. Some people find it useful, while others think of it as annoying or distracting.

So now that you know how to manage Smart Compose on your account, it is up to you whether to remove customizations or entirely disable the feature. If you ever change your mind, you can always come back to this guide and follow the same methods to revert the changes.

We hope that you found our guide helpful in managing your Gmail account. If you need more tips and tricks from us, don’t forget to bookmark our page.