How To Turn Off Link Previews In Signal

Do you want to disable previews when sending links to your Signal chats? Are you planning to remove them on all messages or to a selected few? Either way, we’re here to offer our help. In our guide below, we’ll teach you how to disable or remove link previews on Signal.


By default, any URL you send on your Signal chats, whether it’s a group or private one, includes previews. This feature gives briefly introduces the content of the link to the chat participants.

As such, previews can discourage people from opening the links you send. It can also spoil them with some of the information you want to share.

Thankfully, you can disable link previews on all the messages you share. You can choose to turn the feature off completely or remove them individually when sending a message.

With that in mind, here’s a quick guide on how to turn off the preview feature on Signal.

How to disable link previews in Signal

If you don’t want to include previews to links that you send in Signal, you can choose to disable the feature on your Settings. When you do, the app won’t add any previews when you share URLs on your chats.

Please note that you can only disable preview links on the Android or iOS app of Signal. Follow our tutorials below to learn how.

On Android:
  1. Launch the Signal app from your home screen or app drawer.
  2. On the upper-left side of your screen, tap your profile icon to access your Settings page.

    Alternatively, you can tap More options (three-dot icon) on the upper-right and select Settings on the menu.
  3. Open your Privacy options.

  4. Under the Communication section, toggle “Generate link previews.”

That’s how you turn off link previews on the Android app. Changing this option affects all devices linked to your account.

On iOS:

As for those using Signal for iOS, the process of disabling previews is pretty much the same as the Android one. However, expect some slight differences in the interface between the two.

  1. Open Signal on your device.
  2. At the upper-left corner of your screen, tap your profile picture to open Settings.
  3. Tap Privacy.
  4. Under the Messaging section, toggle “Generate Link Previews.”

Please note that you can’t change this option on the Signal desktop app. However, toggling previews on the mobile app affects all linked devices to your number.

How to disable individual preview links on Signal

Aside from entirely disabling previews on all messages you send on Signal, you can also choose to remove them individually. In this way, you can share links with or without previews anytime you want.

Here’s how:

  1. Open one of your chats in Signal.
  2. Copy the link you want to share and paste it on the text field at the bottom of your screen.

  3. Tap the “X” icon on the link preview to remove it.

  4. Send the message.

After removing the preview, your message will only display the URL the chat participants can click to open the link on their browser.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to remove or disable URL previews in Signal, you can now share links on chats any way you want. You can turn off the feature completely on your account or remove them on messages individually.

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