How To Turn Off Link Previews In Discord

Are you tired of seeing previews when someone shares a link on your Discord chat? Do you want to turn it off on your app? If that’s the case, we have here a guide for you. We’ll show you how to disable the auto-embed feature on links sent on text channels or direct messages.


By default, Discord shows a preview for all the links shared on chats. While this can help you view content without opening the link, not everyone is a fan of the feature.

Although Discord automatically loads these previews for you, it can result in the app consuming more mobile data. So if you receive a lot of links on your messages and text channels, don’t be surprised when your data runs out faster than usual.

Thankfully, the app allows you to turn off auto-embed on links sent on your chats. With that in mind, we’ll show you how to do so from the web, desktop, and mobile app.

How to disable the auto-embed feature on Discord

If you don’t want to see the preview every time someone sends a link in Discord, you can choose to disable it on your Text & Image Settings. It can help in conserving your mobile data every time you use the app on your phone.

You can disable the link preview on Discord whether you’re using the desktop, web, or mobile app. Follow our tutorials below to learn how.

On your computer:
  1. Open the Discord desktop app or visit the web app using your browser and sign in to your account.
  2. At the bottom-left side of your screen, click the gear icon to open your User Settings.

  3. Under the App Settings section on the left, click Text & Images.

  4. Turn off the website preview info on links pasted on your chat. You can also disable the preview for images and videos when someone posts them as links or uploads them directly to the chat.

That’s how you disable the preview feature on the Discord desktop and web app. The next time someone sends a link, you won’t see any picture, video, or information that comes along with it.

On the mobile app:
  1. Tap the hamburger icon on the upper-left corner of your screen to open the navigation menu.

  2. At the bottom-right of the page, tap your profile icon to access User Settings.

  3. Scroll down and select Text & Images under the App Settings section.

  4. Near the bottom of the page, disable the link preview option.

  5. You can also disable previews for images and videos to save some mobile data.

After disabling the preview option on your Text & Image Settings, you won’t see any video, image, or other information that usually comes with links posted on the chat. This option applies to all messages, whether it’s on a text channel or a direct one.

Aside from turning off auto-embed from all the links on Discord, you can also disable previews for specific messages that you’re planning to send. All you have to do is enclose the link in ‘< >’ symbols to cancel the embed.

To wrap things up

Now that you know how to disable auto-embed on Discord, you can go and hide previews on links you send and receive on your chats. In turn, you get to conserver mobile data when you’re using the app on your phone.

If you don’t want to disable the feature entirely, you can choose to hide the preview links for specific messages you send on the app. You can do this by adding the ‘< >’ symbols before and after the link.

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