How To Turn Off Chromebook Without Power Button

For a new streamer, it is pretty important to get as many people as possible to join your stream. The more followers you get, the more inspired you will be. You will get that feeling that you are doing something fun. Something that people enjoy. 


But, the more people join your channel, the more you realize that not everyone is as nice as you’d hope they be. 

How to Disable Follower Mode?

From time to time you get these spammers and trolls. People who love to say something mean. They insult you in every way they can. 

That’s why you decided to enable Follower Only Mode on Twitch. This chat mode is pretty handy. Only the people who have subscribed to your channel can type in your chat. It is perfect. You get to control who can type in the chat or not. 

But, there is one thing that may not sound so good. This chat mode can turn away a lot of potential new followers. Just because they couldn’t type in the chat, they might be discouraged to remain on your channel. 

This restricted feature can be a big no-no for them. People hate that barrier. So, now you want to disable it. You want newcomers to be able to type in the chat the same way as your subscribers do. But, you have no idea how to disable it. Don’t worry! 

You’ve come to the right place. We will show you how you can disable this mode in mere seconds. You can turn it off whenever you like. If you change your mind you can turn it back on. And all of these options are available on Twitch. 

There is no need to rely on an outside website or bots. All you will need is to type a specific command in the Twitch chat. This command will disable the restrictive chat mode on your channel. This means that even people who have never watched your stream before can type in the chat. 

To do that, just type /followersoff in the chat. As simple as that. Once you enter this command in the Twitch channel, your chat restrictions will be immediately lifted. If you change your mind, simply type /followers (specific time). 

For example, you can use the commands for 30 minutes (30m), 2 hours (2h), 1 week (1w), and 3 months (3mo). Like this, /followers 30m. If you type any of these commands in the Twitch chat, the Follower Only Mode will be enabled once more. 


The Follower Only Mode on Twitch is a very cool feature. You can control who types in the chat. It is the best way to get rid of the spam, trolls, and people who want to insult you. But, this restriction may lose you, potential followers. 

People who don’t like restrictions may not subscribe. If you want to disable the chat restriction mode, you can always type the necessary command in the chat. This will help you lift the restriction in a matter of seconds.