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Avoiding read receipts within messaging apps is indeed an almost unfeasible thing. It is useful to get about the interaction of people with the texts. However, it can be a matter of annoyance on some occasions, rather than being useful. Given below are some of the handy recommendations in this context to avoid annoying occasions:


People who are interested in disabling or turning off the read receipts on Group Me should, first of all, prefer DM. The best part is that it can be delivered from mutual groups as well, which relaxes about read receipt concerns greatly. The benefit of DM is that it lets the user deliver a private text to another GroupMe user.

As here the SMS has to be disabled, one doesn’t need to bother whether any other person is checking. Moreover, as the DM or direct message is done straight to the other user you wish, there remains no issue of privacy. Given below are the steps on how to deliver the direct message (DM), or simply a private message to the other Group Me user.

Steps to send a DM

  1. Go to the main menu, and then select Contacts.
  2. Find and select the one who you want to send a direct message or DM.
  3. Type the text and send it.

Steps to send a DM from a mutual group

  1. First of all, select the group’s avatar.
  2. Find and select Members.
  3. Find and select the avatar of the concerned person who you would wish to DM, and then select Direct Message. This is going to redirect you to a private chat with the concerned user.

As mentioned above, the SMS users won’t be able to make the most of Direct Messages features. In this context, one may wish to turn the SMS off on Groupme over the concerned device, as well. Given below are the steps on how to turn the SMS off on Group ME.

Steps to turn off SMS on Groupme on PC or Mac

  1. First of all, open the web browser, and then type at the address bar, and then press Enter on your keyboard.
  2. In case it doesn’t get automatically logged in to GroupMe, put a click on the login button available at the upper-right corner of the browser, and then get logged in with the account details. One may make use of or link through social media accounts as well.
  3. Now put a click over the blue gear icon. One can find this button at the lower-left corner of the device’s window. It is going to open the notification settings available at the right-hand side of the display.
  4. Make a swipe of the Receive Messages via SMS switch to the off position. One can find this option being listed between Like Notifications and Send Read Receipts on the Notifications page. This is going to make the switch ultimately turn gray, and an “x” is going to take the place of the checkmark. Upon making this setting, one is no longer going to receive text messages from the chats.

Why don’t the other methods work?

The ways mentioned above are the practical ways of disabling or turning off the read receipts. Otherwise, it is not practically possible. The straightforward options of disabling the read receipt don’t work on most occasions due to the various complicacies associated. In the case of one-one chats, it is never an issue.

But in the case of group chats, Read Receipt is showcased at that instance when each of the recipients has gone through the text. The problem here is that even if a single member of the group having disabled the read receipts can violate the working or procedure of the read receipt for all the other users.

Being there within the group and disabling the read receipts is not a feasible option from many perspectives. This is because the person is known to have disabled the features feels being isolated in the entire group. Specifically, as due to the action of the one person makes other users get refrained from using Read Receipts, they won’t feel good.

Talking about other platforms, Whatsapp never allows the Read Receipts for the entire group. Here other people show the double checkmark in case they get one read receipt that makes the functionality additional. In other words, it doesn’t bring Read Receipts for the groups altogether. One may witness other settings in the future.

However, the methods mentioned above can indeed do the job; at least it can fulfill the intention.