How To Turn Discord Volume Up Or Down

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Discord offers granular control over the audio within the platform where you have a few options to manage voice and general audio levels. It’s a good job too as some servers can be very noisy places to hang out at times. This tutorial will walk you through all the volume options on the platform including how to turn Discord volume up or down.

You can control volume in a number of ways. You can use your device volume to control overall levels on Discord. You can turn individual user’s volume up or down. You can mute individual users and you can mute individual channels. There is also an intriguing setting called Deafen.

Use your device volume in Discord

Using your device’s volume controls is probably the most obvious way to turn Discord volume up or down. The downside here is that it will also control games, apps, music or whatever else you’re using on your device at the same time. Nevertheless, it’s an easy way to make Discord quieter or louder without having to do anything else.

  • Use the volume slider on a phone or tablet.
  • Use the volume button on your computer’s desktop.
  • Use a hardware volume control on any speakers or surround sound setup on your console or computer.

This isn’t ideal as it controls every audio output on your device but is the fastest way to mute or make Discord louder.

Voice and Video settings

You can turn Discord volume up or down within Voice & Video in your user settings. This is the next easiest way to manage volume and will be set across servers and channels.

on desktop:

  1. Select the gear icon next to your username in Discord.
  2. Select Voice & Video from the left menu.
  3. Change the input and output volume as desired.

on mobile:

  1. Select User icon at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Under app settings select voice.
  3. Change the input and output volume as desired.

This will make straightforward changes to your mic and audio output volume depending on what you set.

Control user volume in Discord

One very neat feature of Discord is being able to make individuals louder or quieter. This is a very useful setting if your server has particularly helpful people or members you want to listen to more than others. You can make that individuals feed louder than anyone else’s so they will always be heard above the general chatter of a server.

  1. Select the user from the right pane in Discord.
  2. Right click their name.
  3. Use the User Volume slider to make them louder or quieter.

That control is on a per user basis. You can make this change for every single user on your server but it’s only good for that session. As soon as you log out or they log out, the setting resets. It is useful to know though.

Muting channels in Discord

If you’re in a particularly lively channel and need to concentrate on something for a while, you can either use Do Not Disturb or mute the channel. With mute, you will still see the text chat moving and people will still be voice chatting but you won’t hear anything. This is useful if you are taking a call, talking to someone else or just need momentary quiet.

on desktop:

  1. Select the channel you want to mute from the left pane in Discord.
  2. Right click the channel and select Mute #channelname.

on mobile:

  1. Select the channel and long press on it.
  2. Choose Mute Channel.

You would obviously see the channel’s real name rather than channelname but the end result is the same. The channel will suddenly go quiet until you unmute the channel.

Using Deafen in Discord

Deafen is strange nomenclature and is one of those little things that annoys me more than it should. It isn’t a feature that emits a loud noise or whistle to deafen other users. It’s a mute button that shuts off all audio from Discord to your device. It’s the same as setting your device to mute and turns off all sound.

It’s a setting activated by the headphone icon by your username in the bottom of the server pane. You will see a microphone which you use to stop people hearing your mic. The headphones stops all audio reaching your speakers or headphones.

Be a Priority Speaker in Discord

The final way to turn Discord volume up or down is to make yourself a Priority Speaker. This isn’t technically a way to change volume but is a way to ensure you are heard. You need admin permissions to make this work but it can be useful on occasion.

  1. Select the server you want to be Priority Speaker for.
  2. Select Server Settings and then Roles.
  3. Scroll down to Priority Speaker and toggle it to on.

Use the privilege sparingly as it can quickly irritate your members. Use the Push to Talk key to make yourself heard while quietening others on your server. Save it for when you really need it though!

Those are the main ways I know of to turn Discord volume up or down and control audio on a server. Know of any others? Tell us about them below if you do!