How To Tell When Someone Was Last Active On Zoosk

Can you tell when someone was last active on Zoosk? Here’s the situation. You’re with a relatively new partner, you feel the spark, you think the relationship might go somewhere. You’re working on their laptop with them and you see emails from Zoosk in their inbox. ‘Someone has viewed your Zoosk profile’ and ‘Someone wants to meet you on Zoosk’. What do you do?

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Zoosk is one of the many dating apps out there that seem to be taking over from going to a bar and meeting people in real life. For better or worse, the initial steps of dating are now performed staring at a phone screen and not into somebody’s eyes. That said, dating apps allow you to spread your net wider than ever before so they aren’t all bad.

If you use dating apps, you may come up against a situation like that above. I know a few people who use dating apps, Tinder, PoF, Bumble and Zoosk and they have all experienced something similar. They met someone for a date, decided to see if it went anywhere, swore off the dating apps until they knew for sure yet were still visible on those dating apps.

Which leads us to, how to tell when someone was last active on Zoosk.

Last active on Zoosk

Zoosk has a couple of notifications you can use to give you clues as to whether a person has used it recently or not. In particular, Zoosk uses a blue dot in the person’s profile to indicate whether they have been active within the past seven days. Being active doesn’t mean swiping, just that they have been logged into their Zoosk account in that time.

The green dot on the profile means they are currently logged into the app. That doesn’t mean they are active right now though. They could be logged into the app on their phone and didn’t shut it down or have Zoosk open in a browser tab and the browser is still running. The green dot means an active login, not that the person is actively using the app.

There is no ‘x was last active on date’ setting in Zoosk. This is both good and not so good. If you’re a user, you don’t want to display to everyone who sees your profile exactly when you’re online or be able to build a profile of your habits. If you met someone new and are just checking Zoosk occasionally out of curiosity, you don’t want it printed in plain English when you were last there.

On the downside, it does leave it somewhat to mystery whether a profile you come across when using Zoosk is live or not. Those I know who have used the app say they often come across a profile and message someone only to see a reply saying something like ‘Sorry, I haven’t used Zoosk in over a year’ or words to that effect.

Hide your Zoosk profile

If you’re in the beginning of a new relationship and are giving it a go at being exclusive but don’t want to delete your Zoosk profile, you can hide it. It’s a setting that means your profile is invisible to anyone on the app unless you message them first. It is a premium option and means other users won’t be able to see you unless you have messaged them.

You can also pause your Zoosk account while you figure out where the relationship is going. This puts it on hold but doesn’t delete it. You will be effectively invisible to everyone, including those you may have messaged.

You can pause your Zoosk account like this:

  1. Log into Zoosk and access Account Settings.
  2. Select Account Status and select Edit.
  3. Select Pause Account and confirm your choice to pause.

Dealing with partners and dating apps

In the situation I detailed in the introduction where they are still receiving emails from Zoosk, that can happen even if they haven’t been on the app since meeting you or agreeing to be exclusive. The very best way to handle that is to talk about it. Ask them about the email, be open about dating app use and discuss the situation there and then.

All good relationships are based on trust and open discussion. If you cannot talk about things like using dating apps, that isn’t exactly a basis for a strong relationship. Handle it calmly and openly from the very beginning and you create a relationship where you can talk about anything, at any time. Now that is a good basis for a relationship!