How To Tell If Your Discord Account Is Banned

Banning is a tool for the platform and for server owners and administrators to help control what goes on. It is also a tool that is abused all too often, sometimes for the silliest of reasons or for no reason at all. Any Discord user can be banned for any reason or for no reason. If you think that has happened to you, can you tell if your Discord account is banned?


Sort of yes.

Discord doesn’t notify you if you’re banned from a server but does notify you if you receive an account ban. You should receive an email from the Discord Trust & Safety team telling you that your account has been banned and why.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t usually happen. You may receive an email but it will be a boilerplate, system generated one saying something like ‘Your account has been banned for violating the Discord Terms of Service.’ If you ask them for a reason, you will mostly receive another system generated email saying something like ‘Based on the results of our investigation, this is a permanent action and we will not be reinstating the account.’ Ask them any further questions and you will likely be ignored.

There is an email address, [email protected], that Discord say you can write to in order to find out what happened but anecdotal evidence from users says these are usually ignored too.

Discord and account banning

I usually say nothing but good things about Discord as their service is excellent. However, like most online platforms, their customer support is woeful. Sometimes you might wonder if they have staff at all or whether bots do all the work. The emails are templates, responses lack any detail or specificity whatsoever and often any replies to queries will not even address the questions you asked.

This area is where Discord falls down hard and why it will remain as a gamer or casual platform rather than make more inroads in commercial areas like Slack. If a service cannot or will not support your users, that service is not worth paying for.

That said, account bans like this, without a reason, are fairly rare. Even those users who complain they got banned will often secretly know why even if they would never admit it.

What to do if you’re banned from Discord?

If you find your account banned and you genuinely don’t know why, you could try to contact [email protected], but it seems an exercise in futility. Instead, I suggest either moving on or setting up another account. Moving on is difficult to do, especially if all your friends still use Discord so setting up another account may be the way forward.


An account ban will not only log your username and email address, it will also log your IP address. You will need to change this in order to be able to log in again. There are two ways to do this. Have your ISP refresh your IP address if you have a dynamic one or use a VPN.

Changing IP address

Most residential broadband customers are assigned dynamic IP addresses. When you reboot your modem, it queries the network server for an IP address and one is selected from a pool of available ones. Modems are programmed to query IP addresses on a set schedule. Depending on where you live, this could be weekly, monthly, biannually or something completely different.

One way to check is to note your current external IP address on your router or modem. Switch the modem off for an hour or overnight and reboot it. Recheck the IP address to see if you have another assigned.

If that doesn’t work for you, using a VPN will. Discord does play nicely with some VPNs as I always use one when online and I use Discord all the time. That isn’t guaranteed though so if you’re choosing a VPN, choose one with a free trial. Delete Discord from your device and delete all files from it. If you’re a Windows user, make sure you delete the Discord folder from your Local file in AddData too.

Log into your VPN, download a fresh copy of Discord, set up a new account with a new email address and start over. If you always use a VPN with Discord, you should be back in business without any further issues.

In the vast majority of cases there is a solid reason for accounts being banned in Discord. On those occasions when there isn’t, there is an appeals process however broken it might be. There is also a way around it. Neither is ideal but it’s better than not being able to use it at all!