How To Tell If You Got Banned In Discord

Being banned from a Discord server is never a good thing but isn’t always your fault. Sure, the vast majority of server bans have been earned in one way or another but there are occasions when the banhammer falls on unsuspecting and undeserving server members too. I know as it has happened to me before. So how can you tell if you got banned in Discord?


There are two types of ban in Discord. The first is a server ban that blocks you entering a particular server. This is done per server and can be undone. The second ban is an account ban and is applied by Discord themselves. This is a system-wide ban and while it can be appealed, they are rarely upheld.

Banning is an essential tool in Discord but can be misused. It can also be wielded too enthusiastically and result in innocent users being kicked and blocked from re-entering the server. If you’re trying to manage an unruly server population, the threat of banning is usually enough to calm things down. Otherwise an actual ban can make an example of one while educating the others.

Banning is a tool best left as a threat rather than actuality though.

Signs of a server ban in Discord

There is no official notification if you’re banned. No social app does that as it can lead to disengagement or negative outcomes. Instead, you will likely find that you cannot access a server you use or Discord isn’t working in the same way.

The signs that you have been banned from a server in Discord are that you won’t be able to join that server or any invites you have from that server will no longer work.

If you know other server users, have them send you an invite to that server. If the invite works, you’re not banned. If the invite says ‘expired’ or just doesn’t work, you have been banned.

As far as I know, these are the only signs of a server ban in Discord. The upside is that you are still free to use the rest of the platform. You’ll just have to find another server to join.

Signs of an account ban in Discord

Discord will notify you if your account is banned. That’s a more serious position to be in and means your account has essentially been shut down. The good news is that this shouldn’t happen as often as server bans or happen accidentally. The bad news is that once it happens, that account is gone for good and you have to begin again.

You should receive an email from Discord telling you that your account has been banned. It will read something like, ‘Your account has been banned for violating the Discord Terms of Service.’ You can ask Discord to provide the reason for your account ban but it rarely receives a reply. I have seen this happen and all you get is another template email saying ‘Based on the results of our investigation, this is a permanent action and we will not be reinstating the account.’

If you’re feeling brave or patient enough, you can email Discord at [email protected] to discuss it. From what I have heard, any emails sent to this email address seem to disappear into a black hole and rarely receive a reply.

Banned in Discord, what now?

If you do find yourself banned, either server or account banned, you have a couple of options. If you’re just server banned, you can find another server and move on. If you did something to earn the ban, just remember to not repeat history and never do it again.

If you’re account banned, you have more work to do. You can set up another Discord account but your IP address will have been logged against the banned account. Unless you change that, you won’t be able to set up another account.

You can either use a phone instead of a desktop or try a VPN. Using a phone will depend on you using your mobile data and not joining your home WiFi as your IP address will be the same.

Using a VPN will depend on using one with an IP that Discord doesn’t recognize. You won’t know that until you try. First you will have to uninstall Discord from your desktop and remove all files and folders from temporary files. This should prevent Discord finding your old account. Then you can try your VPN.

The good news is that most VPNs offer a free trial before you have to pay. You can try to set up a new account during your trial period. If it works, you’re good. If it doesn’t, try another VPN.