How To Tell If Firestick Is Charging

The initial edition of Fire TV by Amazon is basically a plug-in device that could be linked with an HDMI enriched TV, which can provide access to updated apps and specs on the TV.


It’s due to the huge success of the device that Amazon came up with Fire TV Stick in the later part of the same year. This stick is capable of delivering equivalent functionality within the box, though having a comparatively much smaller form factor. It also comes with a much smaller price tag.

Amazon Fire TV charging:

One must understand it well that there is no battery available for the fire stick users whatsoever. The user has to keep it plugged in with a concerned source of power. There are a couple of ways available for powering the device. The device comes with a USB cord and also a distinct USB plug. A user can simply keep one terminal of the cord in the fire stick, and then connect the plug into the other end and then connect the same to an outlet. The other method is to plug one terminal of the USB cord within the fire stick, keeping the plug off, and then attaching the USB end within a charged USB port on the TV.

Amazon Fire Stick basically functions on the internet that can be connected through Wi-Fi. In the case of Amazon Fire TV, an Ethernet Cable is required.

The device can be connected with the TV through HDMI ports. Upon being activated, it makes the user go through the setup process, getting logged in with already available services, and getting connected to your Amazon account.

One may put one end of the cord within the Fire Stick, link the cube into the other end and plug the same to an outlet. Otherwise, one has to plug one terminal of USB cord in the fire stick, make sure things are connected with the USB end into a charged USB port on the TV.

Is the power adapter essential for firestick?

Fire TV Stick basically comes with a micro-USB port that is meant for power only, as well as an HDMI connecting unit. One must understand that here the HDMI connecting unit goes within the TV straight away or within the available HDMI extender; it can go through an adapter as well. Important here is to note that Fire TV Stick supports HDMI output explicitly. The role of USB cable here is to connect the Fire TV Stick to the available source of power.

It doesn’t mean that there is no need to put in AAA battery. In general, it is available with a single set and is essential to be replaced when expires. The batteries are needed for remote control only.

Establish the Amazon Fire TV Stick for the initial time:

  1. Come with your Fire TV Stick Device, where you can find a micro-USB port as well as an HDMI pretty easily. It is time to plug-in the USB power cord with the micro-USB port of the concerned Fire Stick and then plugs the other terminal of the power cord to the Power Adapter.
  2. It’s time to link the Power Adapter with the available power outlet there. It is important here to note that the users are meant to make use of the Power Adapter instead of the powered USB Ports.
  3. The next step is to plug the Fire Stick in with any of the HDMI port available on the TV. It is here to have it in mind the HDMI Port number as this is required to get turned on with the concerned HDMI input Channel of the device.
  4. It’s time to switch on the TV and make the concerned HDMI input Channel open. A loading display becomes evident with the Fire TV Stick logo that is witnessed.
  5. Ultimately it is time to establish Fire Stick remote. Make a couple of AAA batteries within. The remote should spontaneously get paired up with the Fire Stick. In those occasions when things don’t get paired spontaneously, one simply has to press and clutch the Home button over the remote for some time. This is going to deliver the Fire Stick to the Discovery Mode which is going to make the pairing done.
  6. After the remote is coupled with Fire Stick, press the Play button to initiate the process of setting up.
  7. The next steps are about selecting languages that can be done through the navigation keys of the remote and press the Select/OK button for setting up the language.