How To Tell If Asus Chromebook Is Charging

Do you need any more when you have the complete blend of possessed style, technology, and operating system? You have the brand new aluminum alloy housing Asus Chromebook. The strength and durability that you have missed overtime are all there in the Asus Chromebook. This Chromebook 14 is not fragile. It is a mixture of a good look and a high portfolio. Being thin from the structural point of view, the Chromebook comes with a bigger screen that supports HD or full HD resolution. Other flared features are IPS technology, low reflection anti-glare screen, and high productivity.


It is an all-day Chromebook. This means a lot of things. It can figure out things like whom you talk in a day or battery operation. Asus Chromebook brings in the capacity to 3 times faster wireless streaming characteristics. It supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) imagining. Now, on devolving the question, you can easily assess if your Asus Chromebook is charging or not.

Charge your Chromebook

To know if your Asus is getting the proper charge or not, you need to undermine some methods.

  1. Firstly to charge the battery of the Chromebook, plug one end of the power adapter into the power port. You will find another port in your Chromebook. Plug the other end of the adapter to this port.
  2. When the adapter is plugged in correctly to the Chromebook, the charge indicator awarded in it shall indicate the status of the battery.

These two steps will guide you if you want to charge your Asus Chromebook. Now concerning it, there are some facts that you must have an idea about.

What should you do when there is no battery detection?

When you find there is no sign of battery, check to make sure that your battery adapter is affixed rightly. If this doesn’t fix your issue, check if for bent pins. If there are bent pins in your battery port, this will not allow charging to take place. Some internal connections interrupt the flow of charge. When you finally detect this issue, you should think about a new one.

What to do when your Chromebook faces Bad or drained battery?

If you find no charge in the Chromebook’s battery, then look for the connection. Wait for a moment and then check if there is free-flowing when you turn on the laptop. If the battery holds a charge, then restart the Chromebook. If it fails to adapt to any charge in it, then it’s time to replace the battery.

When you switch on, restart the laptop or Acer Chromebook, an orange light should peep in. This is the indication that your laptop is taking charge. If a blue light comes in, you need to restart your computer. After all of this, when nothing works, you will have to replace the motherboard.

What is the first step when your computer/Acer Chromebook shows a Black Screen?

This is the first sign that a virus is attacking your laptop. When you find a black screen on your Chromebook, you will need to run malware software. You can perform this task by clicking the F8 key continuously. Doing this for a relatively good time, you will be directed to the REPAIR option. Click ok and next until you choose RECOVERY MANAGEMENT. This process will restore your computer to default systems while deleting all data.

Why your Asus Chromebook does get overheated?

When more than one program runs in the background or overused, you need to close any open programs and restart the laptop. Give patients hear to the sound of the fan installed in the Chromebook. When this lowers down, your issue is solved. If the alternative circumstance happens and the overheating continues, you might need to replace the fan processor. Try blowing compressed air when your fan’s processor does not work.

What should you implement when the Chromebook gets slower?

If your Asus Chromebook is slower than before, then you should concentrate your dimension to check RAM. To do this, you need to go to the Performance tab. If you find your memory is full, then you should restart the laptop. If still, the memory does not vacate, you will need to replace the RAM. Certain other issues can reflect the slowness of your computer. This can be either your hard drive is full, or the CD or DVD has reading problems.

These are certain basic mantras to run your Asus Chromebook in a well-maintained way. Follow the first two steps to check if the charge is supplied to the computer or not. If you haven’t still bought for the first Chromebook, then its time you buy one.