How To Tell If A Twitch Stream Is Live

One can know whether the steam is live simply if he/he is logged in. Those who are logged in can visit the chat window section first. There one can witness the symbol of the list, which basically can be found at the extreme bottom at the left. There, one can find the viewers.  Those who want to watch the same while being at the logged-out state, however, have to create another account. Upon logging out, it doesn’t really mean anything if the stream is kept mute and changing the tab. This means those who want to watch the viewers by remaining logged out, simply have to create another account.


Through the browser:

One’s browser can play a major role in this regard. First of all, one must make sure that the browser is thoroughly upgraded. One may make use of genuine browsers like Chrome, Firefox, etc. All that it is essential to do is first to ensure that the browser being opened is not signed in as per your account.

Viewing the stream at this instance thus means nothing. However, one may make use of the private mode or incognito mode as well on such occasions. The best part is that one doesn’t need to get signed in with any other account. Staying signed in with the same account is essential for the best result. No need to fear about the chat getting restricted; those who want to cat can indeed chat. Those interested in chat simply have to open another account.

One may put a right-click on the new browser tab and then select ‘Mute’ over there. Upon selecting Mute, the whole website, in accordance with the browser, is going to get muted. But, this doesn’t mean that the twitch stream is not going to be muted altogether. What will happen if the stream itself is muted entirely?  If it is done so (being muted), the concerned user is not going to be considered as a viewer. At the same time, it is advised not to keep numerous tabs remain opened on the same browser itself. In those occasions when the window of the browser is not aimed at the tab with the concerned stream, it is not counted as a viewer then. This is the reason that it is often advised not to open too many tabs at a time. It creates the instances of unwanted lingering of the processes.

The other ways out:

One may simply get logged out and witness things from a different browser. However, all that needs to be ensured is that the concerned browser is not logged in. The other option available is to have BTTV and get switched in any anonymous state. A most important aspect that needs to be kept in mind on such occasions is to enhance the other characteristics to be a greater streamer. One must know that watching the list of the viewers always doesn’t help always. It’s a common perception among many that the list of the viewer tells about who is enjoying the broadcast. However, this is not exactly true always, though. This means that instead of simply watching the list, it is a better idea to improve the streamer’s quality rather.

Little things can enhance the experience in this regard. For example, when the stream has occurred to a certain extent, it is better advised to keep it paused for a while, and resumes the process altogether again. One doesn’t need to keep on doing the same for a longer while. It can be done at regular intervals. Specifically, on those occasions where the streaming is going to be for a much longer while, the strategies of such can indeed be helpful. Most importantly, as explained above, the browser should be at the thoroughly updated state.

Why changing the account is always not the way?

There come certain occasions when the streaming may not be the way you like. In general, people try to change the streaming on such occasions. They try to do some tweak with browser as well.  However, all these kinds of efforts don’t guarantee any better result. One may change it in various ways, but again, there is no guarantee about everything to be fine here. Rather than changing the entire scenario, it would rather be a better option to keep it muted for a little while. This would be a better way to avoid the unwanted portions. After a little while, the process can be resumed once again. Otherwise, one may simply sign in through another account.