How To Tell Discord What Game You Are Playing

Discord is a text and voice chat platform where users can interact with one another and share their experience. It is a very useful platform. Here players can communicate. They can also exchange strategies when playing a cooperative or competitive video game. 

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Ever since the app was released, it has been updated many times. Now, this platform is available for both PC, phones, and iPads. And that’s not all. The updates just keep getting better and better. With every update, Discord implements cool features. 

If you’ve recently joined the Discord community, you probably don’t know how to use all of its features. That’s where this guide comes in. For every newcomer, it can be a bit difficult to get the hang of the menu and learn all the tricks. 

That’s why we have decided to make this guide for you. Now, you’ve probably seen the text under a user’s name that says “Playing” this game, “Playing” that game. The text will show any game a person is playing. Even if that person is not currently online in the game.

This text is called “Game Status”. In Discord, you can customize your game status however you see fit. It can show whatever game you are playing, or you can set it to show something else. It could be a different game that you are currently not playing, or it could be a funny text. 

This step-by-step guide will show you how you can change your game status to show what game you are playing. If you want to learn the tricks, just follow all the steps and you will do it in no-time. So, let’s begin!

Step 1

 For the first step, all you need to do is go to the “User Settings”. It is the cog icon next to your headphones and microphone. 

Step 2

 This is the “User Settings”. Here you can see all the options you can enable or disable. What you are looking for is “Game Activity”. Press on it. Now a completely different submenu will open. On top, you will see your activity. If you are currently not playing any game, the app will show this gray sign saying “No game detected”. To add what game you are playing go to “Add it!”.

Step 3

Here you can choose whatever application you have running. It is best to choose the app you use most. So, turn on your browser, and the browser will appear on the list. In this case, we will use Google Chrome. Select the app you want to use. 

Step 4

Once you select the app, press “Add Game”. 


Step 5

Now, the grey area will turn green. Here you can see the name of the app you’ve just chosen. Go ahead and rename it to whatever you want. You can enter the name of the game you want Discord to display. So, go ahead and experiment.



Telling Discord what game you are playing is very easy. Just follow all the steps we shared and you will do it in seconds.