How To Stop The Firestick From Sleeping Or Going To Screensaver

The Firestick is a device design by Amazon. The magic of this device is that it transforms any TV with an HDMI input, into a smart TV. You can play games, stream shows, watch Netflix and YouTube, and other apps. It was launched in 2014, and from there, the device has evolved and now is Alexa compatible! However, there is a flaw in the system; let’s see what it is. 


Everyone likes to watch TV, especially on weekends. But sometimes, you must get up from your sofa to get for a snack, go to the bathroom, or to show Netflix that you are, in fact, alright. During this time, something really annoying could happen. Your Firestick could go to sleep or enter screensaver mode. Sometimes it could close all your apps and all the process that you put on hold. Hence, you must open everything again. You may also find out that preventing from happening this is a little hard.

The problem is that when it enters on either mode, it will close any app. Therefore, you must open the app again and continue with what you were doing. Some people don’t pay too much attention to this. Others like to continue using the Firestick without waking it up again. If you are part of the last group, you surely will want to know how you can prevent it.

So let’s begin with this guide and don’t let your Firestick sleep!

Step 1

The first thing you must do is to enter the Firestick menu and the swing into the settings option. This option is at the end of the top menu; select it.

Step 2

Once inside, swing to the Display and Sound option. Choose this option.

Step 3

As you click the Display and Sound option, a new set of options will appear on your screen; select the first one, which is the screensaver option. You will be directed to the screensaver menu.

Step 4

You can change any configuration of the screensaver here. Swing down to start time option. It should be the fourth option from the top-down; click it.

Step 5

Now it should be obvious which option you have to choose. That’s right! Choose Never ever in the life to start a screensaver again. Once done, you can leave it alone and it will neither go to sleep or go to screensaver mode.

That’s all, now your Firestick should go into hibernation never again. Nothing will bother you again when you take a break between games or movies, and you will not waste time waking the device again. Or you can choose a greater time frame before it enters into sleeping or screensaver mode. The process is the same, just choose the one that you want.


There are other things that you can customize inside this menu such as audio, display, and applications to enhance your experience. Like all Amazon products, they allow certain liberty to modify them to suit your best needs.