How To Stop Discord From Opening On Startup

If you use Discord on Windows, you will notice that it will start automatically every time you boot your computer. This doesn’t happen on Mac or on mobile but does on Windows. It’s an annoyance that many apps set themselves up for but it can easily be stopped. This tutorial will walk you through how to stop Discord from opening on startup. I’ll also show you how to stop any application loading itself whenever you boot your computer.


This setting is a personal annoyance of mine. As an IT tech, I see apps give themselves all kinds of permissions. Some are necessary for that app to work while some is not necessary at all. Automatic startup to me is so not necessary. Every time you boot into Windows, you have to wait a few seconds longer. You also have to manually shut Discord down once your desktop has loaded which is another unnecessary tasks you have to do before you can get to whatever it is you wanted your PC for.

You can stop Discord from opening on startup though and I’ll show you a couple of ways to do it.

Stop Discord from opening on Windows startup

As mentioned, this behavior only happens in Windows. Discord is not the only application to set itself up to start automatically. Lots of apps do it. It’s almost as though they think we would forget to use them once we installed them so take the choice away from us.

Here’s how to stop it.

Stop Discord opening via Task Manager

You can use Windows Task Manager to stop any application from starting alongside Windows. This can have a positive effect on boot times, especially if you’re not booting from an SSD. I have dozens of applications loaded on my PC but only allow essential apps to boot alongside Windows.

  1. Right click an empty spot on the Windows Task Bar.
  2. Select Task Manager.
  3. Select the Startup tab and select Discord.
  4. Right click Discord and select Disable.

That will stop Discord from opening on Windows startup. While you’re there, take a look at what else is enabled. For the fastest boot time, you want just antivirus, firewall and any essential apps to boot with Windows. Everything else should wait until you’re ready for it. Repeat the same steps above to disable other apps that start alongside Windows.

Stop the app opening with Discord Settings

Discord has its own setting that can stop it from loading with Windows. The message is a little patronizing but you still get the job done. ‘Save yourself a few clicks and let Discord greet you when you get home like a good boy.’ Really? That deserves to be disabled right away just on principle!

  1. Log into Discord and select the gear icon by your username.
  2. Select Windows Settings from the bottom of the left menu.
  3. Toggle ‘Open Discord’ to off.

Now Discord will no longer start with Windows and will wait until you open it from a shortcut. While you’re there, you may want to toggle Minimize to Tray off too. This is another annoying setting. When you select the ‘X’ in the top right to close a window, it minimizes to your app tray rather than shut down. Disable that setting and the app will close as it should.

Use CCleaner to stop Discord opening with Windows

CCleaner is one of many system cleaners for Windows but also one of the better ones. Alongside the many trash cleaners and file deletion tools, there is a Startup tool that shows you exactly what loads with Windows and offers the opportunity to disable them.

  1. Open CCleaner and select Tools from the left menu.
  2. Select Startup from the second left menu.
  3. Select Discord from the list.
  4. Double click or right click to disable.

The end result is the same with CCleaner as it is with Windows Task Manager. The next time you boot your computer, Discord and any other application you disabled will no longer take it upon themselves to start alongside everything else.

With all of these settings, if you find you actually miss having Discord load alongside Windows and be ready for your game, you can simply follow each process and reverse it. It’s the same steps, but you would obviously select enable rather than disable.

While this tutorial specifically addresses Discord, you can do the same thing for any application you don’t want to load when Windows boots. As long as you keep your antivirus and firewall enabled and any system drivers mentioned in the list your computer should still run perfectly fine and may even boot a little faster.