How To Stop An Amazon Firestick Blocking IPTV

Here at SwipeTips, we endeavor to answer everyday questions you come up against when using tech. A question that seems to come up a lot revolves around accessing IPTV in its various forms using popular devices like the Amazon Firestick. This tutorial is going to answer one question in particular that landed in our inbox this week. It was ‘How can I stop my Amazon Fire TV Stick blocking IPTV streams’.


As we see similar questions a lot in comments and via email, it makes sense to answer.

Aside from an ‘accidental’ block on sideloading earlier this year, the Amazon Firestick doesn’t block anything. You can load Kodi and other platforms and access whatever streams you like. More likely, it is your ISP blocking access to streams. The fight against IPTV is gaining pace with more and more stream sources being shut down. Part of this fight involves the takeover of domains and blacklisting of services by your ISP.

Some ISPs also use adult content filtering as part of their broadband features. I have seen this block some IPTV streams before so that’s worth checking too. Those settings can be disabled on the ISP router and will likely be under Parental Control or words to that effect.

It is much more likely that your ISP is the cause of your not being able to access your favorite IPTV stream rather than your Firestick blocking it. So is there a way around these blocks?

Accessing IPTV streams with an Amazon Firestick

There is nothing you can do about a domain or stream seized by MPA America or other organization. They have cut the stream at the source and there is no way to work around that. What you can do is find another stream and there is always another stream.

It’s a game of cat and mouse where the streams are mice, ducking and diving and springing up in different places. The cat is the authorities constantly chasing behind trying to catch those mice. It’s interesting to watch but also a little painful at times.

While all that is going on, you can still access IPTV streams on your Amazon Firestick. You will need something like Kodi installed if you haven’t already and you will need a VPN service. You could try changing DNS to circumvent IP blocking but that doesn’t protect your traffic from surveillance. While a VPN costs money, it also encrypts everything you do online. For the sake of a few dollars a month, I recommend everyone uses one every time they connect.

Continue watching IPTV on Amazon Firestick

To work around ISP blocks, I suggest using Kodi on your Firestick and a VPN for all traffic. The process is relatively simple once you know how and will provide access to your IPTV streams, or the ones still going anyway and will protect all your traffic from surveillance.

Research VPN providers and find an affordable one that doesn’t log anything and works to keep streaming services available. Subscribe to the one that fits your needs, then:

  1. Access your Amazon Firestick and select Settings.
  2. Select Device and Developer Options.
  3. Enable Apps from Unknown Sources and acknowledge the warning.
  4. Go back to the main screen and search for Downloader.
  5. Install the Downloader app when it appears.
  6. Open Downloader once installed and Allow it to access your device.
  7. Enter ‘’ into the URL box and select Go.
  8. Select Install when you see the Kodi page.
  9. Select to Delete installer files.
  10. Select Apps & Channels on your Firestick to access Kodi.

Now you have Kodi, you have access to all the IPTV channels you want. You will need to explore Kodi, add channels, explore addons and all that good stuff. That’s a little outside this tutorial but you’ll enjoy the process.

Using a VPN

You will need to use a VPN on your Firestick or on your router to keep your traffic safe. Many VPN providers have apps for the Firestick so will be a breeze to set up. Others don’t so bear that in mind when choosing a VPN provider.

  1. Open your Amazon Firestick menu and select Search.
  2. Search for your VPN provider. For example, IPVanish, ExpressVPN or whoever.
  3. Install their app if they have one.
  4. Launch the VPN application and log in using your VPN account details.
  5. Select Connect and agree a connection request if you see one.
  6. Watch your IPTV streams in safety!

You will need to connect using your VPN before every streaming session to be safe but from now on, you can watch whatever you like without the fear of a knock on the door.