How To Start A Group Chat On Discord

Do you want to start a conversation with your friends outside of your servers and channels on Discord? If so, you can start a group DM with up to 10 members on the app. With the help of this feature, you can communicate with a small group of people without creating a private server on the app. Follow our guide below to learn how to start one on Discord.


In Discord, you can create private servers with your friends to have a place where you can talk, send messages, and share files with each other. However, there are times where you only need to have a conversation with a few of your friends.

Thankfully, Discord allows its users to create group chats with up to 10 members. As such, you can start small and casual conversations without having the need to invite people to a private server.

Without further ado, here’s our guide about starting group DMs on Discord.

How to create a group DM on Discord

If you want to start a conversation with your friends outside of channels within your servers, you can create a group DM on the app. In this way, you can chat with selected people without worrying about eavesdroppers from your servers.

You can start a group DM, whether you’re using Discord on your phone or computer. In our tutorials below, we’ll cover the steps you need to know on both devices.

On your computer:

  1. Open the Discord desktop or web app and sign in to your account.
  2. Head to the Home tab and click “Friends” on the upper left side of your screen.

  3. Click the “New Group DM” button on the upper right side of the app.

  4. Select the friends you want to include on your chat and click “Create Group DM.”

After creating the group DM, you can start the conversation by sending a quick message. You can check the group chat by heading to your Friends tab and viewing the Direct Messages section.

Always remember that group DMs have a limit of 10 participants at a time. If you want to talk with more people, you can opt to create a new private server instead.

On the Discord mobile app:

  1. After signing into your account, tap the hamburger icon on the top left corner of the app to open the menu.
  2. Head to the Direct Messages tab and tap the new conversation icon.

  3. Search and select the people you want to include in the group DM.

  4. Tap the send icon on the bottom right corner of the app to create the new group chat.

That’s how you create a group DM on Discord. If you want to include more than ten people in the conversation, you can create a private server and use one of its text channels instead.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to create a group DM on Discord, you can start conversations with your friends from other servers. If you missed including a friend of yours in the chat, you can add the person to the group chat whenever you want.

That’s it! For more tips and tutorials, visit our site from time to time, and check our latest posts and updates.