How To Split A Google Docs Page In Half

Google Docs is the most popular tool people use when writing and editing papers or documents. However, most people only use the standard appearance.

Google Docs

This is because the majority of the papers we write, particularly for school and work, are already okay with the default format of Google Docs, which consists of one column. However, there may be times when you need to write a newsletter or any article that requires two columns.

Fortunately, Google Docs has this feature. To help you with the process, just follow the few steps listed below to accomplish this.

1. Open your browser then go to Google Docs.

To begin, you must open your computer’s browser then navigate to Google Docs or you can simply click this. Now, make sure that you log into your account so you can access all the documents you have.

2. Choose a document to edit.

You must open a document to modify after navigating to Google Docs. You can use an existing document or create a new one. If you intend to select one of your existing documents, you must carefully review each one to ensure that you are selecting the correct one.

3. Select “Format” on the menu bar.

On the document’s page, click the “Format” tab in the menu bar to bring up a drop-down list. This will display all of the options for adding and applying to your document. It is divided into sections, and you must go to the section where you need to make changes. Text, paragraph, alignment, bulleted, columns, and many other sections are available.

4. Place the cursor to the “Columns” option.

Hover your cursor over the “Columns” option in the drop-down list, and a small menu list will appear beside it.

5. Select the image with two columns.

The menu will show you three different formats: one-column, which is the default, two columns, which is typically used for newsletters, and three columns. To split a document in half, you must choose the second option.

However, if you need three columns, choose the last option instead of the second.

Finishing Thoughts

Using the proper format for your paper will greatly improve the readability and organization of your document. I hope that by following the simple steps outlined above, you will make your paper the best it can be. You can also make additional changes to the format of your document by clicking the “more options” button.

Although this Google Docs feature is currently only available in the browser, it is anticipated that soon, it will also be available through the Google Docs mobile application.