How To Sort Your Data Alphabetically In Google Sheets

Google Sheets is commonly used for managing a lot of data or information by organizing them in spreadsheets. It’s a great tool for keeping a list of all your employees’ names and their personal information, tracking your finances, making tables, and other things similar. However, when there’s already a lot of data input in a certain sheet, managing it is already more difficult especially when it’s not organized well and you’re looking to find a piece of certain information.


And so, one thing that could help you organize and categorize your data would be knowing how to sort them alphabetically. This doesn’t only make your work efficient, but can also help your spreadsheet appear less complicated.

To know how it’s done, just continue reading this guide.

1. Highlight the data you want to sort alphabetically.

Go to Google Sheets on your device and simply open the file you wish to edit.

2. Click Data in the menu bar.

At the top part of your spreadsheet is the menu bar where you can locate the “Data” option. Once you’ve seen it, make sure to click that label to access the option for sorting.

3. Select “Sort Range”.

Now, you’ll be presented with a lot of options and you may find the process of selecting which to choose quite confusing. If your goal is sorting, take note that you’re not interested in any other option except the “Sort range”. Make sure you click that.

4. Choose how you want to sort it and save your changes.

A small pop-up window will appear after you click that option and here, you’re free to adjust the changes you want for the data you selected. If your data has a header and doesn’t want to include it in what’s to be sorted, then make sure to click the box located on the left side of the “Data has header row” option.

Also, you can choose how you want to sort it, either from A to Z or vice-versa. Check if everything’s alright with you and once done, make sure to save all your changes.

However, another thing you can try is to pick from one of the options inside the red box shown in the picture. With this, you won’t have to click the “Sort range” option and manually input the setting you want.

Key Takeaways

It’s as easy as that! With this guide, you’d now be able to save the time and hassle of manually organizing your data alphabetically. Had you not known this, it might have taken you forever to finish sorting a long and dull list of data.

This is only one of the ways you can use to properly manage or categorize your data. If you want to try more than just sorting them alphabetically, you’d have to learn about inserting tables, freezing rows, and columns, and putting grids on your sheet — but we’ll not cover all that here. Still, I hope you learned a lot today!