How To Share Your Location In Google Maps

People like visiting different places, so there can really be instances where we completely don’t know our exact location. There can be times where we find it difficult to pinpoint a certain address or place, and it could also be the other way around — others may have difficulty identifying our whereabouts.


This is when apps like Google Maps become really useful. Whether you’re simply trying to search a restaurant, share your address with others, and locate the whereabouts of a person, it can be considered truly helpful.

To help you in these times, you’ll be learning in this article about the easiest way you can share a location with other persons in Google Maps.

1. Open Google Maps and search the location you want to share with others.

When you’re already on Google Maps, simply type the location you want to share on the search bar at the upper-left part of your screen. You can do this on both your desktop and mobile devices.

2. Click “Share” at the left side of your screen.

After you’ve entered the place you’re searching for, observe the options shown at the left part of your screen. Once you see the “Share” option, click it.

3. Copy the link or directly share to other platforms.

When sharing, you have the choice to either copy the link and personally send it to the person(s) you intend to share it with, or directly share it to Facebook or Twitter. It just really depends on your preference, but both methods work.


When you’re doing this on your mobile app, you can directly share it with the people in your contacts list—that’s the difference there is between sharing a location on desktop and mobile. Even so, we could really say that there are a lot of useful features and tools we should make use of in Google Maps.

This is just one of them, but there’s surely more to what it can offer you. That’s it for this guide, yet we’ll make sure to write more about Google Maps tips which you can use in the future!