How To Share Your Live Location On WhatsApp

Are you having trouble giving directions to your friends when they want to see you? Do you want to share your exact location with them? If so, you can use the live location sharing feature on WhatsApp. Follow our quick guide below, and we’ll show you how.


Aside from sending photos, videos, and messages on WhatsApp, users also have the option to share their live location to a group or one-on-one conversations on the app.

With the Live location feature, you can share your exact real-time location for some amount of time with a group or one-on-one conversations on WhatsApp. You have the option to control how long the duration lasts, and you can also stop it whenever you want.

Since the feature is also end-to-end encrypted, you can rest easy knowing that no one else can view your live location aside from the people within the conversation.

Here’s our guide about sharing your live location on WhatsApp.

How to send your live location on your WhatsApp chats

If you want to help your WhatsApp friends find exactly where you are, you can share your live location in your chats. In this way, they can find you much faster if you’re planning on meeting in real life.

You can share your live location on the WhatsApp mobile app. Check our tutorial below, and we’ll show you how to start and stop sharing your live location on the WhatsApp app for Android.

Before you can share your location on WhatsApp, you’ll need to enable location permissions for the app. Head to your phone’s Settings > Apps > Advanced permissions > Location and turn it on for WhatsApp.

Start sharing your live location:

  1. Open WhatsApp and go to the conversation where you want to share your location.
  2. Tap the Attachment icon on the message field and select “Location” from the menu.

  3. Tap the “Share live location” option.

  4. Select the duration for sharing your live location and tap the Send icon on the bottom right. You also have the option to add a comment before sharing your location.

That’s how you share your live location on WhatsApp. Until the duration expires, the chat participants will continue to see the location you shared.

However, you can always stop sharing your location whenever you want. You can either turn it off on the current chat or head to your Settings to turn it off for all your chats and groups.

How to stop sharing your live location on WhatsApp

  1. Open the conversation where you’re currently sharing your live location.
  2. Browse the conversation and tap “Stop sharing” on the message where you shared your location.

  3. Tap Stop to confirm your decision.

Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings > Account > Privacy > Live location. From there, you can choose to turn off your live location in all your chats and groups on WhatsApp.

Unfortunately, you can’t share your location from the WhatsApp desktop and web app. You can only use the feature on the mobile app for Android and iOS.

To wrap it all up

Now that you know how to use the Live location feature on WhatsApp, you can share your real-time location with your friends and contacts on the app. With the help of this feature, there’s no need to send directions as you can show your friends exactly where you are.

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