How To Setup Groupme On Ipad

GroupMe is a mobile, group messaging application owned by Microsoft. Having launched in 2010, the name is derived from the private company, GroupMe. The messaging app brings the world to you. Each month it delivers more than 100 million messages. With time the slots for messages has increased. And, at the same time, million registered users are feeling free to communicate altogether.


You can access the app by downloading the app or accessing the service online. You have to provide your name, password, and a cell phone number. You can also connect it via Facebook or Twitter account. Sync is established with your contact, and you can create groups limited to 500. The regular features on the app include locations, personalized emojis, and photos, create events, and other creative works. The app provides web client and on the same precept, supports apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Windows 10 phone.

If you want to know the steps that would allow you to initialize GroupMe Group on your iPhone or iPad, read below the steps.

Steps to establish GroupMe on iPad

  1. Open the GroupMe app on your iPad

This means that you have to search it on the web to connect with. But, to experience good time in the space, you can download the app for your iPad. Once you download the app, you will find it in the icons of your iPad. The GroupMe icon appears to be some sort of speech with hash tag sign ‘#’. The app directs to open up a chat conversation already present there in your contacts list. But, you have to tap the back button to get back to your Chats list.

GroupMe app
  1. Click on the three horizontal lines icon

From the left-hand side corner of your iPad, you will see that there are three horizontal lines. Tap on the icon. It will take you to the navigation menu.

  1. Get on to the Chats Menu

From the horizontal lines, you will have to prefer for the Chats to get the list showing personal amended group chat conversations. Do not worry about the safety prospect. You will only be directed to the medium of people you are connected with and no outsiders will be there in your personalized chats.

  1. Place a click on the New Message icon

Do not get confused. The GroupMe app will not display, ‘new message icon’. Instead you will find a cloud shaped with a ‘+” sign on it. As soon as you tap on it you will get a drop-down menu.

  1. Start Group

Once you click on the ‘+’ sign icon, you will be redirected to tap on Start Group. This option will help you to create a new group chat and add members whom you want to start a conversation with.

Start Group
  1. Name it, recognize it

As you have a name, do not leave the group without an identity. From the “enter group name” tab, you can fill in the name that suits your group or you think to be right. Type it and the name of your group will appear on the head of the page you people would be talking. Not just name, you can add a group icon or picture and even a topic.

enter group name

Once you complete filling the name, you can tap on Next.  This tab will present on the upper-right part of your iPad screen, will bring you the list of contacts. The people you want to add into your group from your personal contact list can be customized.

  1. Contacts Preferred

It is not mandate to add all the contacts into one group. You can select the contacts. A checkmark option will appear just next to the contacts selected. On the top of the iPad screen you will find the names of the shortlisted members.

  1. DONE

Once you fill in the name, put a picture, subject and select the contacts, you are just one step away from establishing the group on GroupMe app using your iPad. Once you furnish these securities, tap, Done. The tab is located at the upper-right corner of the screen. You can even open a group and then add members to it. Here, you are all ready to share texts, images, emojis, pictures, videos, locations, and many more with your near and dear ones.

The development in GroupMe over the decade is quite inspiring. Not only it is used for messaging but also it has taken a place to be utilized in important matters. As a way of communication, GroupMe will always be there at your side to spread love, like, and share thoughts.