How To Setup Donations On A Mixer Account

Mixer application is another well-known streaming app that is available only for Microsoft users. Therefore, you can only access it either from the Xbox one, where the app comes pre-installed or with a PC or laptop with Windows 10.


Microsoft developers say that the latency between the streamer and its viewers is less than a second. Remember that latency, also known as delay, is the time that passes from the moment that a user sends a message, to the time that to see it on the feed. This means that on Mixer, you will be able to see your audience messages quicker, or at least is what Microsoft’s developers claim. 

Either way, as with any other streaming app, people use Mixer to get little salad on the side. The easiest, and often the best way to earn some bucks is setting up a donation link to your channel. Yes, I know, other streaming services such as Twitch has an in-built donation service. But you will see that setting it up it not that hard; let’s begin. 

We use PayPal to set up a donation link because it is a well-known service, and it allows you to track every single penny. But the process is similar regardless of the wallet that you choose to use. Of course, it has to have a donation feature. Or it will not be the same process. 

Step 1

Log on your mixer account and click on your profile picture, also known as an avatar. It has to be in the top right corner. 

Step 2

Choose the first option on the top; it should be the one that says broadcast dashboard. 

Step 3

Once inside, head to the left side of the screen and click on the customize option on the manage channel section.

Step 4

Scroll down to the channel description section. Edit it with a message describing yourself, the channel, and leave a line inviting people to donate to the channel. Keep the message short and sweet. 

Step 5

Now, highlight the text portion that has the invitation to donate. Then click on the tiny chain to set the hyperlink. It is next to the text format icons.

Now, copy and paste the donation link to your PayPal account on the URL section.

Setting The Donation Link

This section is only needed if you don’t know how to set up a PayPal donation link. You just need to go to the seller’s option on your account and click on the manage button. 

Head to the button type section and choose donations. Then, hit the continue button; it will appear two times. 

Choose the currency in which you want to see your donations and click finish and get code. Note that you should enable “any amount” option, so your viewers choose how much money they want to give you. 

Finally, all that is left is to choose the shareable URL section and copy and paste the URL above in step 5. Happy earnings! Take into consideration that the process is the same, regardless of the wallet that you choose to use.