How To Setup A Call On Discord

Today, there is a broad category of online tools available that are being used for voice and video communication. They incorporate a range of features for various environments and people use them for their various needs. In this how-to article you will learn how to add friends and setup voice and video calls on Discord. But, before we move on to that step, it’s important for you to know some basics about this tool.


So, What is Discord?

Discord is a chat app like Skype or TeamSpeak. It’s available as a standalone mobile or desktop app, but it can also be accessed through web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox.

Discord was specifically made for video game players to make it easy for them to find each other, organize the game and setup a communication channel while playing. It allows them to make voice calls, video calls and text each other.

The app can be very useful especially for PC games, because it makes the chatting a lot easier. You can use its search functions in desktop app to find the people you want and add them to your friends list for a quick chat. This simple communication app isn’t just used by the gamers for talking to each other, but a lot of people use it just to hang out online with their small group of friends or as an organizational tool.

Good thing about Discord is it’s free to download. You can sign up for a free Discord account, and setting up a Discord server won’t cost you anything either.

Discord Desktop App Vs. Discord Mobile App

The desktop version of Discord can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android. You won’t be able to find many differences between desktop and web versions of the app as the functionality and look of both feels almost exactly the same. And if you use Discord app regularly, its desktop version is worth the download.

The Discord mobile app is also available for both iOS and Android. It looks quite similar to the desktop app but it’s designed to fit on smaller screens. By swiping right you would be able to access the list of voice and text channels if you are on the server, and swiping left would take you to the list of the people on the server.

Adding Friends on Discord

Before you start communicating with your team members, you have to add them as friends. Typing the usernames or email addresses in the search field won’t help. So, you need to have their full Discord tag, which has three parts: a username, a hash sign and a four digit number at the end.

After you have managed to get the full Discord tag of your friend, just send him the friend request. We will break it down step-by-step here:

1. Launch the Discord app and go to the ‘Home’ option in the top-left corner.

2. Now, select ‘Friends’.

3. You will find ‘Add Friend’ on top of the app. Click on it, enter the Discard tag and select ‘Send Friend Request’.    Now your friend will appear in ‘Pending tab’ until he accepts the friend request.

4. Alternatively, if you have found someone important and want to add him without leaving the screen. Just right click on his username, go to his profile and there you will see a green ‘Send Friend Request’ option.

Calling Friends on Discord

After your request has been approved and you both have become friends, now it’s time to make a voice or video call. Just follow these simple steps to call your friend:

1. Select your friend from the list who you want to talk with. Right click on the username and select call.

2. Voice and video call options are also available in top-right corner.

Making Group Calls on Discord

Discord also allows you to communicate with your friends privately through group direct messages (DM). A small group of friends can participate. There is no restriction for you or your friends to be on the same server. Here are a few steps to create a group DM and chat with your friends via text or voice and video calls:

1. Select ‘Friends’ and click on a ‘New Group DM’ option in the top-right corner.

2. Select your friends from your list and invite them to join the group for the chat.

3. Select ‘Leave Call’ if you want to leave the chat.

Discord group DM allows up to 10 people at once to join the chat and, as said earlier, there is no need to create a separate server. However, if you plan to chat with more than 10 people, you will have to create a separate server.