How To Set Up Nightbot On Twitch

Nightbot is one of a number of incredibly useful bots you can use on Twitch that offers a range of features to liven up a stream, control users, moderate chat, add music and a whole lot more. This tutorial is going to walk you through installing and setting up Nightbot on Twitch.


Nightbot works on Twitch and YouTube but we will be concentrating on Twitch. It’s a bot you invite to your stream that can play music, offer competitions, add post timers, deploy custom moderation rules and a whole lot more. Like other Twitch bots, it has been very well coded and works using its own dashboard or with text commands.

Bots on Twitch

Bots are programs that you link to your Twitch stream that add extra functions. They can automatically provide profanity filters, moderate chat, offer warnings to users, tell jokes, play music, delete old messages and a whole lot more. You don’t have to host them, you invite them into your server. This creates a dynamic link between the bot and your channel which allows the bot to perform its functions. They offer a lot of features Twitch doesn’t by default and can enhance a channel in any number of ways.

Install Nightbot on Twitch

Nightbot is one of hundreds of bots for Twitch but also one of the better ones. To use Nightbot, you will need an account and to link it with your Twitch account but that’s normal and doesn’t cost anything.

  1. Navigate to Nightbot and sign up.
  2. Select Login with Twitch and enter your Twitch account details when prompted.
  3. Authorize Nightbot to link to your Twitch account.
  4. Select Join Channel at the top right when you see the Nightbot dashboard.
  5. Navigate to your Twitch channel and type ‘/mod nightbot’. This gives Nightbot the permissions to perform it’s tasks.

Nightbot is now fully installed on your Twitch channel. It is now in a position to perform whatever tasks you ask of it.

Using Nightbot on Twitch

There are over 30 commands built into Nightbot with the ability to add custom commands if you need to. Here is a list of some of those commands. These are the ones you’re likely to use most to begin with.

  • !commands — Provides a list of channel commands and allows you to manage custom commands.
  • !nightbot join – Invites Nightbot to join your channel.
  • !nightbot part – Asks Nightbot to leave your channel.
  • !title — Allows you to set the current title of the stream.
  • !game — Allows users to see the current game on the stream.
  • !poll — Allows moderators to create a poll within chat and displays the the results.
  • !winner — Allows moderators to choose a random user as a poll winner.
  • !songs — Allows users to request songs and allows moderators to manage the playlist.
  • !commercial — Runs a commercial on your stream if your channel is partnered with an ad provider.
  • !filters — Allows moderators to manage spam filter settings.
  • !songs next – Displays the name and artist of the next song.
  • !songs pause – Pauses the current song.
  • !regulars – Gives an extra permissions level to trusted regular users.
  • !filters – Controls the mod feature of Nightbot.

There is a fuller list of Nightbot commands on this page that cover most of those available for the bot.

The one command you will likely want to dive into is !filters. It is from here that you can control the moderator function. Your options are:

  • !filters blacklist – Creates a blacklist of words or phrases to keep the stream clean.
  • !filterscaps – Prevents chatters from posting in all caps.
  • !filters caps limit 5 – Sets the limit of caps to 5 characters per chat entry.
  • !filters emotes – Prevents the posting of emotes in messages.
  • !filters links – Prevents the posting of links. It also allows you to whitelist certain links.
  • !filters links message No Links! – Prevents linking completely.
  • !filters symbols – Prevents the posting of too many symbols in messages.
  • !filters repetitions – Prevents the posting of repeating words and phrases.

There is a lot more to Nightbot than moderation but that is definitely the feature that makes it most useful. Adding your own commands is also a neat trick but I haven’t used that feature so am leaving that alone. The included commands should be plenty enough for most uses.

That’s how to set up Nightbot on Twitch. Have you used custom commands with Nightbot? Want to share any useful ones you have come up with? Tell us about them below if you do!