How To Send Video On Bumble

Your profile picture is the key to attract matches. This is true in all dating apps, such as Bumble. But there are already lots of fake accounts spreading throughout the internet. If you don’t want to be a victim of this, especially if you are expecting that your match really looks the same with his profile picture, then shift to Bumble. 


Bumble is not your typical dating app because it allows you to send and upload videos on your profile. Of course, you are familiar with Instagram and Snapchat. How these social media applications work is also an almost similar way to Bumble. No doubt, we are in the world full of innovations.

There are two options when sending a video on Bumble either you record the video directly with Bumble or you add pre-recorded videos from your gallery. 

Here are the steps on how you can send video on Bumble (if you choose the first option):

  1. Open your “Bumble account.”
  1. If you matched with another user, a push notification will appear. You can open a conversation and add a message. 


  1. On the bottom left corner, you can find the camera option. Select it and choose “Record video.” This will allow you to record a video within Bumble.

  1. If you are satisfied with your video, you can send it to your match. 

And yes, it’s as simple as that. If you choose the second option, the steps are just the same except that, you need to choose “Choose from gallery” instead of “Record video.”

Anyway, why send a video if you can make a live video chat? Well, as mentioned earlier, Bumble is very unique in the sense that it is the first dating platform that has an in-app voice and video calls. You don’t need to depend on his profile picture alone. You can be sure what he really looks like by making a video call. Besides, it is more exciting to voice or video call someone than to message him, right?

The steps are very easy. Anyway, you can use this feature on Bumble BFF, Bumble dating, and Bumble Bizz. 

Here is how you can voice or video call someone:

  1. After a match is made, you can see a phone icon or video icon in the top right corner of your screen. 
  1. If you want to call your match, just select the said icon. 

And there you go. Have a happy video conversation with your match! This is ideal especially if you want to see him first before you have to meet him. 

Another thing is that Bumble allows you to add video on your profile. Just like in Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, your video will disappear after 24 hours. Having a video in your profile can give a sense of security to your match. It will ensure that it is really you whom he wants a match. Of course, it is also beneficial for you. Before you decide on meeting him, know him better by talking to him through video or voice call.