How To Send Memes On Bumble

If you are looking for the date of your dreams, Bumble can help you find them. This dating app is one of the most successful apps currently on the market. They managed to make a name for themselves pretty quickly. 


The goal is to change the way we date and how we approach people. It’s supposed to make it easier to find a partner. The idea behind this app is simple. In a society where men are expected to approach women, it can be hard to take the initiative.

That’s why the app comes in. Here women take the initiative. In heterosexual matches, women can start the conversation. If you get matched with a woman, you have to wait for her to start typing in the chat. If you are a woman, and you get a match, you need to be the one who types first. 

It doesn’t matter if the other side responds. What matters is the result. If you find that one person, you will be set for life. Taking the lead on Bumble helps create a dynamic environment for both men and women. It is simple and ideal for people to approach one another.

There is no awkwardness or permanent anguish from rejection. If you don’t like someone or they don’t like you back, you can always swipe to find someone else. That’s exactly what makes this app so convenient and easy to use. 

The options are right on point.  There is only one rule. And that is to be nice to people. 

How to Send Memes in Chat?

So, let’s say you have found the perfect match. You want to start the conversation, but you want to be creative. Or, you’ve already started the conversation, but you want to add a creative touch. If that’s the case, you can always send memes in chat.

Memes are very popular. They are always fun to look at. If you want to figure out how to send memes in Bumble chat, you’ve come to the right place. We will show you how to do it. All you have to do is follow these simple steps. So, let’s get right to it. 

Step 1

The first thing you need to do is find the meme you like. If you haven’t saved it in your phone gallery, you can always look for it on your browser. When you find it, open it. 

Step 2

 For iPhone users, hold with your finger over the picture for a few seconds. You will see a menu pop up. Select “Save Image”. This option lets you save the picture in your gallery. 

Step 3

Go to your active Bumble chat and upload the same meme you just downloaded in the gallery. To do that, press on the camera and select the meme from your gallery. When you send that meme, the picture will be blurred out until the recipient clicks on it. When they see it in full-screen all the blurry effect will disappear.


Sending memes in Bumble chat is a piece of cake. Just follow the steps and you will do it in no-time. It’s a cool way to make chatting more fun.