How To Send Apk From Phone To Firestick

Are you struggling to send apk from phone to firesticks? No need to worry on this matter though. The guide below is about the step by step approach to send apk from phone to the Firesticks. Check it out!


How to Transfer Files to Fire Stick

  1. First of all, go for installation of ES File Explorer on FireStick to make the concerned FireStick or Fire TV enable about running an FTP Server. FTTP basically here means File Transfer Protocol.
  2. Go to the ES File Explorer’s native “Remote Manager.” It is comparatively much easier to establish in comparison to “FTP server” function of the ES File Explorer.
  3. Go for installation of FTP Client on any different device.
  4. Make connection with the FTP Server through the concerned FTP Client app/program that has been recently installed over the other device
  5. Go for transferring the files from the additional device to the FireStick
  6. Deliver Files to Fire Stick
  7. Make installation of ES File Explorer on FireStick to enable FireStick or Fire TV to make the FTP Server functional. One may also go for installation of ES File Explorer simply by looking for the same. It can be done by making use of the “magnifying glass icon” that can be witnessed over the display of Fire TV home.
  8. Next step is about selecting the ES File Explorer from the search outcome and then to select “Get”.

Establish the ES File Explorer

  1. Go to the ES File Explorer’s native Remote Manager. This is primarily a fundamental automated FTP server that a user can have access of through the browser of concerned device. ES File Explorer’s Remote Manager Server can be initiated simply by making a selection of “Network” from the concerned ES File Explorer upon reaching the main menu.
  2. At the next step, go to “Remote Manager” available within the Network menu. After selecting Remote Manager, take the Fire TV remote for moving the cursor to the massive “Turn On” key seen in blue available at the center of the ES File Explorer display.
  3. Make use of a secondary device, apart from Firestick / Fire TV, and then open the other web browser of the other device.
  4. Now go for providing the specific address showcased on the Firestick / Fire TV display over the web address bar.
  5. Provide the IP address of the Firestick within the FTP Client app. Now simply put a click on “Connect.”  This is going to connect with the FTP Server making use of FTP Client app/program that has been installed.
  6. Integrate Roms to Fire TV Stick or Fire TV.

How does FireStick File Transfer occur?

Through the steps given above, the primary intention is to establish an FTP server on your Fire Stick through the native FTP server functionality of ES File Explorer app.

Once the FTP server is established over the FireStick, one may make use of FTP Client program for Windows. Or, one may make use of application meant for Android/iPhone for linking with the concerned Fire Stick’s FTP server.

Upon reaching up to this, the next step is all about making a selection of the files those are essential to be transferred through the concerned FTP client those are having the identical display as a trimmed-down File Browser for delivering the files to Fire Stick.  At the next step, the specific files or folders are selected to be transferred. Now it’s time to simply have patience and wait for the files to end up copying.  The same process can also be made use of for delivering the files from Fire Stick to any other targeted destination. FileZilla is the most favored free FTP Clients for Windows

Those who are Android users can find various well-reckoned free FTP Client apps.

iOS users can also find Free FTP Client called as  FTPManager Free

Additional Methods to Transfer Files (To and From) FireStick
  1. One can also make use of the BlueTooth file transfer apps for transferring files to and from Firesticks. It can be made use of for transferring of files to and from the devices like tablets, smartphones, as well as Android TV Boxes
  2. One may also make use of the WiFi file transfer apps for your concerned device (smartphones or others)

The mentioned above methods are like the explicit ways meant for transferring the files to and from Firestick. This is so because ES File Explorer is no more available to get downloaded from Google Play store. It is here to note that the account of the same has also been terminated. However, the following methods can indeed deliver the desired outcome.