How To Send An Email With Google Home

The complete guide to make phone calls or sending an email on your Google home by talking to the Google Assistant is ascribed in this piece of write-up. You can just have your email forwarded to the person you are intending to. Here’s how to set up sending email on Google Home.


Briefs on Google Home

The Google Home which has predominantly become the most popular utility is giving benefits out of the box. The Home does not officially support the idea of sending email out of the secured icon but in integration with IFTTT (If This Then That), you are now able to send Gmail messages from the smart speaker.


The Google Assistant works in the same way that of Google Home. To perform this activity, you will have to build the applets for each contact or group of contacts that includes up to 20 recipients. The sending of email conceives a thread of conjunctions that you need to perform before plugging an email. You will have to specify the email subject line in advance and the email account into whose account your message would be dropped.

The steps to create an applet to send email messages from goggle Home are emancipated in proper form. You can repeat the process to send to contacts you wish to.

The first step- Configure IFTTT to send Gmail from Google Home

  1. The first thing that you have to do is to download and install the IFTTT app from your Smartphone’s app store without incurring any costs. After that, you can log in using any of your Face book, Google or email account.
  2. Once you complete performing the first step, click on the My Applets tab and then tap the + sign at the top right of the screen. Soon after, the next screen appears with the blue ‘this’ link.

3.  Next of fall, you will be able to see the Google Assistant. Select it and then you have the ‘say a phrase with a               text ingredient’ option as you move forward. Click on it to move on to the next segment.

Google Assistant

4. Google will confer you or ask you about you requirements; this is when you have to command your Google                 home to send the email. What you can do is write in the first column that you want to email a person from                 your contacts thread and then in the second one, type send an email with the name.

When you are done with giving commands and the Google responding it, you can tap the tick icon at the top            of the careen.

tick icon

5. Tapping on the blue ‘+that’ link you can select the Gmail. On the next section, you can tap on the ‘send and               email’ as your part of action. IFTTT will ask for connecting to Gmail. Click ‘connect’ to specify the Google                     account that you are willing to use to send the email. Tap allow on reaching the next screen.

Tap allow

6. You have reached the place where you just need to specify the details of the recipient and the subject line.                 You can create this applet for an individual recipient and can even go for 20 recipients at a time. This                           depends  on the step 4 that you would have made the command.

7. To specify the details of the recipient by mentioning the email address in the ‘To address’ field. The IFTTT                   refers an applet of the email threads that you have created. Tap the Finish button.

Finish button

8. All that remains now is that you have to check your applet whether it is working or not. Do not stay in between the command and the message that you want to send or it will create an issue in sending the message.

9. You can check your inbox to affirm that you have sent the message correct.

These 9 principles are key stones to establish an email with your Google Home. This feature has simplified most of the boring stuffs like sending an email. But you have to be cautious while performing this act as one wrong command can land your email in the spam folder of the recipient you are wishing to send.

You can make calls with Google Home; order your favorite food from the nearby restaurant, book a date and a movie ticket. Google Home can actually do these things for you in just fraction of seconds. You do not have to panic fixing things at the eleventh hour; Google Home can actually do this for you. The subsequent voice-controlled app helps in casting video to your TV. It can identify different voices and add on to the baggage of your brownie list.