How To Send A Text From A Chromebook

Chatting with friends on Chromebook has a different kind of fun. Interestingly, the chat with the friends on Chromebooks through texts shows the things there on the ‘Messages’ mobile application. In general, through ‘Messages’, SMS texts can be sent by establishing a connection between Chromebook and the smartphone. Very much like the mobile app, here the carrier charges are applied. At the same time, it is also ensured that no misuse of Chromebook facilities is done. It is here to note that those who use Chromebook at institutions or offices, most probably won’t be able to delivering or receiving the SMS texts. Anyway, consulting with the administrator may be helpful on such occasions.


Steps for Updating the operating system of Chromebook:

To deliver a text from a Chromebook, it is essential to make sure that on the concerned Chromebook, there is Chrome OS edition 71 or higher. Check out the steps given below to know the method of updating the operating system of Chromebook.

  1. First of all, one needs to be having a thoroughly connected Android smartphone
  2. There should be proper non-stop connectivity of internet
  3. The following things should be ensured about on the phone:
  4. It should be having the most upgraded edition of Messages
  5. Make sure that the Messages is set as the default SMS application
  6. There should be an un-interrupted data connection available. It would be better to have a non-stop Wi-Fi facility.

It is here to note that charges may be applied for using the smartphone. To get rid of the extra expenses of such, it is recommended to make the phone thoroughly connected with Wi-Fi.

Steps to set up the Messages

Given below are the steps to set up Messages.

  1. Those who haven’t already done should connect the concerned smartphone with the Chromebook.
  2. On the phone’s display, find the Messages logo, and open it.
  3. Put a click on More (with three dots). After clicking on More, put a click on Messages for the web.
  4. Go to the extreme corner of the phone’s display, on the Chromebook, and then select the Launcher Launcher and next select the Up arrow.
  5. Again, on your Chromebook, find Messages (with three dots), and open the same.
  6. People who are interested in signing in to Messages from next time onwards can simply check the box “Remember this computer.”
  7. Using the same smartphone, put a click on the QR code scanner. Post clicking simply holds the concerned device up to the QR code on the Chromebook.

It is here to mention that the QR code for Messages is meant exclusive for the concerned Chromebook. Moreover, it is meant to combine the mobile app with the concerned computer. One can also combine the Messages account on numerous devices. However, one should have it in mind that only one among these is going to remain active at one time. At the same time, it is equally important to understand that upon opening Messages on a Chromebook, the conversation that the user makes on any other device or browser tabs are going to be inert.

Among other changes, it is here to note that the most recent conversation threads, list of contacts, and various settings are going to be encrypted. These are also going to be cached on the concerned browser. Most importantly, people who don’t make use of the Messages account for 14 days at a stretch; the concerned account is going to be signed out. This is primarily done keeping the security concerns in mind. It would avoid the illegal access to the account.

Steps to sign-out of Messages on Chromebook:

After reaching the above steps, one should go for getting signed out of Messages on his/her Chromebook

It is recommended not to forget about signing out as it keeps the sensitive details, information, messages, etc. safe. The double stage verification code and other personal information can also be kept safe. Signing out ensures that other people can’t see the personal details, messages, etc., as explained above.


  1. Go to the extreme corner of the phone’s screen. Reaching the corner, select the Launcher, and next select the Up arrow.
  2. You can find Messages with an icon; open the same.
  3. Now move to the extreme left at the top, and then select ‘More’ (with three dots)
  4. Here one can find Sign out; select the same.
  5. It is here to note that upon Signing out of Messages is not going to make the user get signed out of the additionally connected phone specs.