How To See Your Twitch Subscribers

Whether you are a new aspiring streamer or you’ve already built a substantial community, you need to know your subscribers. It is always a good idea to know who exactly subscribed to your channel. Let’s say you want to reward some of the best users in your community. To do that, you need to know who that user is.


You can plan a giveaway or send other goodies the community will love. But, the problem is that not everyone knows how to see that subscriber list. That’s exactly where this guide comes in. We will show you one simple way you can see a complete list of your subscribers. 

You will be able to see all the names of the people who have subscribed to your channel. To do that, you will have to follow these simple steps. It is very easy to do. You will quickly get the hang of it. So, let’s get right to it. 

Step 1

Open your Twitch channel by logging in the website. Then, go to the drop-down menu right next to your profile picture. Open that menu and select “Dashboard”. 

Step 2

What you want to do here is to select the third option from the top. Go to “Revenue”. 

Step 3

Now, you can see a list of all the revenue you get. But, there is no subscriber list. To get that list, go to the very bottom of the screen. You will see “Email me my subscribers list”. Click on this option. 

Step 4

Twitch will ask for your confirmation. Make sure to select “Send Me Email”. It will take a while for the email to arrive depending on the number of subscribers you have. If you have a lot of them, wait a bit to get that mail. It can take up to a couple of minutes. If you don’t get the mail, repeat the same step. 

Step 5

The email will arrive at the same account you have linked to your Twitch account. To see the email, log in to that account. In this particular example, the email is on Yahoo. When you receive it, click on it. 

Step 6

Open the email you’ve just received. In the attachment section, you will receive a file. Download that file. This file is what you are looking for. Here you can see the names of all of your subscribers. 



If you are planning a giveaway or you simply want to reward your most dedicated subscribers, you need to know their names. That’s why it is a good idea to get a full subscriber list of all the people who have subbed to your channel. If you follow all the steps, you will do it in no-time. 

But, have in mind that the bigger the subscriber list you have, the longer you will wait. So, don’t get worried if you don’t receive the list right away. So, that’s it! Now that you know how to get the subscriber list, try it out for yourself. Let us know if you found this guide helpful in the comments below.