How To See Your Google Home Shopping List

Google services allow you to do several things such as turning on your TV, make reminders and alerts, and even search for you on the web, all by simple voice commands. These services are so advanced that once you get used to using them, you can never go back to your normal life.


One of the greatest features that Google Home has is that you can make a shopping list. At first, you will think that this is a useless feature. However, the image that you are about to get breakfast but you run out of milk before going to work. You just need to say “Hey Google, add milk to the shopping list”. Then you get back from work, and you run out of eggs. Say the magic words again, and Google Home will add eggs to your shopping list.

As you can see, the list is getting bigger as time passes. So, it does not look so useless now; does it? You just need to get used to it, and you will love this feature.

But what happens when shopping day arrives? Don’t worry, checking the list is quite simple; just follow this guide.

Checking the list from the phone

Step 1

Open your Google Home app, and click on your profile picture. It is the icon located at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2

Swing down until you see the settings option, which is the fourth option from the top down.

Step 3

Swipe right two times to get to the service section. Choose the first icon at the top that is the shopping list option. Alternatively, you can directly click on it.

It will direct you to an external browser tab. There you will find your current shopping list. You can change anything regarding the list there.

Checking the list from your browser:

Checking your shopping list from the browser is less practical than seeing it on your phone. Besides, you will go shopping with your phone rather than your laptop. However, the drill is like this:

Step 1

Go to, if your session is not open, it will ask you to log into your Google account. Now, click on the flag icon (shopping list). It is located at the left sidebar; it is the tenth option from the top down.

Step 2

Now, you can see all the products on your shopping list. If you wish to add or change something you can do so from this page.

You can manage all your shopping lists with either way. Of course, it is more practical to do it from your smartphone. There you can also share your shopping list with other people. For example, you can share it with the people who live with you. This way, if someone buys something, he or she can check it out from the list, avoiding misunderstandings and buying the same thing twice.

Give Google shopping list a try; you will not regret it.