How To See Your Bumble Match Queue

The Bumble Match Queue is a premium aspect of the dating app where those who have already swiped right on you will be. It’s a useful feature but is only available to Bumble Boost subscribers. This tutorial will show you how to see your Bumble Match Queue and offer a few insights into improving the number of matches you get.

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You can see the Bumble Match Queue in the app by looking at the Messages page. You should see a bar with circles at the top and one will have a green border. This is the Bumble Match Queue. If you’re a free user, the image inside will be pixelated. If you’re a Bumble Boost subscriber, you will see a profile image. In both cases, you should see a small box with a number in it. This is the number of people who have already swiped right on you.

The Bumble Match Queue

If you don’t subscribe to Bumble Boost, you can still select the Bumble Match Queue but you will be taken to a subscription signup page. If you already subscribe, you will see a selection of profiles from people in your area that have swiped right on you. It’s something of a shortcut to stop you needing to swipe through your main list until you find a match.

You then swipe left or right as you see fit. If you swipe right, as the person has already swiped right on you, it’s an automatic match. You can then chat like a standard match would.

How does the Bumble Match Queue work?

The Bumble Match Queue uses three criteria, the Bumble algorithm, your search settings and your location.The Bumble algorithm is a mystery and a closely guarded secret. It uses some kind of wizardry to decide if a profile is likely to be something you’re looking for.

Your search settings are the same ones you use throughout the rest of the app. It’s where you have set the age range, gender, distance from you and any other criteria you may have specified in normal Bumble searches.

Distance is also the same as normal searches. You set a mileage radius and Bumble refines the results to fit within that radius. There will occasionally be profiles slightly outside that radius, depending on where you live but it is mostly within a sensible distance.

How to get more matches in the Bumble Match Queue

Getting more matches in your Bumble Match Queue uses the same techniques that would get you more matches in the app itself. If you’re not getting the success you think you deserve, it’s time for a rethink. Take a look at your profile pics, your profile and ask for help. It will pay off I promise.

Revamp your Bumble profile pics

One of the most common mistakes people on dating apps make is posting profile pics that they think are cool or make them look good. That would be fine if you were trying to attract yourself, but you’re not, hopefully. Instead, think about the type of person you want to match with. What would they like? How would they view your profile pics? What would they think when they saw them?

If you think they would react positively, use them. If you don’t, don’t.

Make sure your main pic is a head and shoulder shot with you clear, smiling or appearing happy, well dressed and presentable. Save the hobby pictures for later or those with your buddies or girlfriends at the mall for the extras. People want to see you up close so give them that. You can add your hobby, job and workout images to support that main pic.

Once you have selected a few profile pics, set them aside for a minute.

Revisit your Bumble bio

The Bumble bio is short and to the point and is very much secondary to your profile image. That said, it is still a vital part of your profile so needs looking at next. Complete the bio the best you can and use everything your imagination can conjure to create something interesting. This guide is pretty good at showing you what works and what doesn’t.

Putting your Bumble profile together

Now you have the basis of a revamped Bumble profile, have a friend or stranger check it out and give you their opinion. Make it someone of the same gender you’re trying to attract and make sure they know they must be honest. It might be painful but this process will significantly enhance your chances of getting a match.

Take their advice on board and make any changes they suggest before publishing your new profile on Bumble. Now all you need to do is use the app to see how effective your changes are!