How To See Who Liked Your Tik Tok Video

A couple of years have passed since TikTok was first released. Now it has become the most popular app for teens across the globe. Since its initial launch, this app has managed to get more than 500 million users who are active every day. 

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This app is not only fun, but it is also incredibly addictive. It has now become a new subculture that draws even more people in. It is the best place for users to show their creative side. They can make outstanding videos and share them with the world. That’s what makes TikTok so amazing.

If you’ve recently downloaded TikTok, you’ve surely tried making your videos. At first, all the features might seem a bit overwhelming. But, the more videos you make, the easier it will be to get used to all of them. 

Eventually, you will want to make the best content you can create. But, to do that you have to start sharing your videos and see what the public think. Their opinion matters. It helps you make better videos.

The moment you start sharing your latest TikTok videos, you will want to check how many people have seen them. TikTok has an option that allows you to monitor the people who’ve viewed your content. You can also see their comments and likes. 

This is a very useful feature if you want to know how your videos are doing. You will see what the community thinks of them. Later, you can use their opinions to improve the content you make in the future. 

So, how can you see who liked your TikTok videos? We made a guide that will help you figure exactly that. It is very simple. You will wonder how you never noticed it before. Just follow these steps and you will see who liked your videos in no-time.

Step 1

Open your TikTok app. The first thing you will see is the timeline. Here you can see all the popular videos. The most popular ones appear first, but you can scroll down if you want to see more videos. To view the people who liked your videos, press on the notification button next to the “+” button. The first one on the right is the button you need. 

Step 2

Scroll through all the notifications. Here you can see who viewed your profile, who commented, who shared, etc. Some of the notifications will point out who liked your videos as well. See the screenshot below to know what you are looking for. 

It can be a bit time-consuming to scroll through all of those notifications. But, that is the only way you can see the names of the people who liked your videos. You can click on their name and check out their content. Better yet, you can return the favor and like some of their videos as well. 


Now that you know how to see the people who liked your videos, you are ready to make some more amazing content. Getting feedback from the community can inspire you to make better videos. As you can see, keeping track of who saw and who liked your videos is a piece of cake. So, you can use this feature every day to monitor your profile. It is efficient and very easy to use. 

Knowing the basic features of TikTok is crucial. The more you know, the better content you can make. So, go ahead and explore any other features.