How To See Who Is Bcc In Gmail

It is a little bit surprising that, even with the technological advancements, sending information via an email is still intensively used. In fact, if you wish to contact either the customer service, a professor, coworkers, or even your boss, sending an email is the best way to do it. 


Gmail is, hands down, the best email service you will find around. Not only because you will have access to the main email services, but because a Gmail account will allow you to use all Google online services such as Google Drive, Docs, and Hangouts. As you can see, Gmail has more advantages than any other email service. 

One of the great features of Gmail and most email services is the BCC option. BBC stands out for blind carbon copy, unlike CC, which is a carbon copy this feature allows you to send a copy of the current email to other people. But those users will not be able to see who you blinded copy the message to. 

You would be asking yourself, why is this useful? Well, let’s say that you are working on a project with other people, and you need to send it to your boss. You can send an email to your boss, and blind copy your fellow coworkers. It is also useful if you wish to send information without other people noticing it, which is not recommended, especially if it involves sensitive information. 

Now, if you already send the email, and you wish to check the people you blinded copy to, just follow this procedure. 

Step 1

Enter your Gmail account and head to the sent section. It should be the fifth option from the top down.

Step 2

Now, search for the email that you have sent; click it.

Step 3

There should be an arrowhead pointing down, just beneath the sender’s information. Hover over it and click it. You can see some of the BCC recipients from here.

Step 4

On the pop-up, you will be able to see the people you send the email to and the people that you add in the BCC lists. 

It’s the same process regardless if you are on your phone (Android or iOS) or your PC. The interface is the only difference. 

However, beware that you will not be able to see the BCC information from any other account rather than the sender’s account. The reason for this is obvious; BCC is meant to hide the users on these lists from the other recipients. 

Blind carbon copy is a quite useful tool. This way, you can hide the other people’s email addresses, and you prevent them from getting emails when another recipient answers the email. 

Of course, it could be used for shady purposes, like bypass or leak the information to other people. Besides, sometimes people can get mad if they find out that you blinded copy someone especially if it is sensitive information. Therefore, it is recommended to BCC only certain emails, and if you do not mind that the list gets leaked. Additionally, try to use this feature or legitimate reasons; avoid problems.