How To See Who Gifted You A Sub In Twitch

Subscription Gifting was introduced back in 2017 as a way to show appreciation for streamers or contributors on Twitch. You could gift one month subscriptions to anyone providing you have a payment method linked to your account and know where the Gift a Sub button is. If you don’t, this tutorial will walk you through the entire process of gifting and finding out who gifted you a sub in Twitch.


Twitch is unusual in this day and age in that it actively promotes gratitude. There are a couple of mechanisms within the platform that offers the ability to reward streamers for their work or thank contributors or anyone for anything. It is unusual in that most other platforms are all about you and getting what you want with little regard for others. It’s a nice touch that is well received I think.

Gifting subscriptions in Twitch

You can gift a sub to a streamer from within their stream or to another user. Both will end up with an one month premium boost to their account with a mention of who it came from.

To gift a subscription to a streamer in Twitch:

  1. Navigate to a stream you want to gift.
  2. Select Subscribe above the stream.
  3. Select Gift in one of the subscription tiers in the popup window.
  4. Confirm your choice at the prompt.

This will only work if you have a payment method linked to your account of course.

You can gift a sub to anyone on Twitch, including your viewers or friends. The easiest way to do this is from the chat panel on the right of a stream.

  1. Select a Twitch user from the chat list on the right of a stream.
  2. Select Gift a Sub.
  3. Select a subscription tier.
  4. Check the box next to Gift Anonymously if you like.
  5. Select the purple Gift a Subscription box.
  6. Confirm your choice when prompted.

That user will then be gifted a one month subscription in exactly the same was as you did with the streamer above. You can do this for anyone, for any reason. There is the option to remain anonymous but if you choose that, the rest of this guide is rather pointless!

You can also use search at the top of Twitch to search for a specific user if they don’t appear in the viewer box. It works in the same way as above, Type their name, select them from the search box, select Buy Gift Subscription at the bottom of the box and go from there. It is a refreshingly simple process that makes gifting as easy as can be.

Who gifted you a sub in Twitch

If you’re fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a gift sub, can you find out who gifted it? Yes you can!

You will be notified of a gift in the Twitch notifications bar at the top of the screen. There will be a number by the bell showing your notifications. There will be one there with your gift. Open the message and it will read something like ‘Username gifted you a 1-month subscription to Streamname’.

You can also go to your subscriptions page and see in there.

  1. Select your avatar from the top left of Twitch and select Subscriptions.
  2. Select the Gifted Subscriptions tab to see a list of gifts and who gifted them.

Can you refuse a gift sub in Twitch?

You can refuse a gift sub if you really wanted to, sort of. Once gifted, a sub benefits both you and the streamer and is essentially a one way deal. However you can disable the subscription if you really want to. I’m not sure I have ever known this to happen but it is possible. You can disable a subscription from your Subscriptions page.

I cannot gift a sub as the box is gray

If you’re trying to gift a sub to someone but the Gift a Sub box is gray, you won’t be able to do it. The gray box means they already sub to that stream or you or they are banned from it. Either way, you won’t be able to gift that person to that stream.

I like how Twitch has included the option to show gratitude in the system. It’s a neat touch that makes it worthwhile for streamers to deliver quality streams and for people to behave themselves and be nice to each other while using the platform. It’s a little thing that has a huge impact on the character of the community. Long may it continue!