How To See Who Auto Hosts You In Twitch

Being a streamer on Twitch is not an easy job. You have to keep your audience interested in your channel. As more people join and follow your content updates, you will acquire more exposure. However, this doesn’t mean that the job is done. In fact, the more followers you have, the harder your job is. You have to keep your channel active with content and pleasing your audience.  But having a large audience has its benefits. For example, you will earn more money.


The key earn exposure is to keep your audience engaged. How you do it? Well, you must continuously make good, meaningful, and quality content. In addition, you can always ask your audience to be your preachers. They will spread the word, and you will get more followers in return. But another, and maybe the best way to get followers is to ask for auto hosting. 

Auto hosting is when someone else broadcast your content live in his or her channel. Obviously, this is done while the owner of the channel is not there. It is a popular tool that streamers use to promote each other and to keep their channels active while they are offline. It goes without saying, but the more people host your channel, the more audience you will reach. 

If you are curious to see how many people host you, just follow these simple steps.

Step 1

Login on your Twitch account. Click on your profile picture, which is on the top right corner of the screen. Then click on the Dashboard option.

Step 2

Once you are in the Dashboard section, you have to look for a rectangle that says “Raid and Host”. At the bottom of it, you will see how many people are auto hosting you. 

That is all it takes to see how many streamers are hosting your channel while they are away from the keyboard. As said before, the more people host your videos, the better. Because you will not only reach your audience but the other user’s followers as well. Which means that more users will see your content.

However, try not to ask people who you don’t know to host your channel, as they can report you for spam. Therefore, only ask this to your friends. You can even make a deal to host each other’s channels. This is a great way to help each other and to acquire some precious followers.

It will be difficult in the beginning, to find people willing to host your channel. But if you make great content, and keep your audience happy, there is nothing they won’t do for you. Besides, the more followers your channel has, the more people will host it as a way to promote their own channel.

You can acknowledge streamers that host your channel during your broadcast. This way you will encourage your followers to support them, which will get you more people willing to host your channel! For example, if an owner of another channel sees that you acknowledge them, she or he is likely to broadcast your channel to get more exposure.