How To See Whispers In Twitch

Do you know that you can now send private messages on Twitch? And you can do this to any of your friends on Twitch, even if you are watching different video streams at the same time. You can whisper to any of your friends by simply opening your chat box and typing “/w” plus your friend’s username. You no longer need to express yourself in the public because, as mentioned, it is a private message. 


This means that even if you are using the Twitch website or maybe you on Twitch Android app or iOS, you can now whisper to your friends. 

How to Start New Whispers

It’s easy to initiate your first whisper with a friend. Here are the ways on how you can do it:

  1. On your Whisper List window, look for the “Search” bar. 
  2. Type the username of the person you wish to send a private message. 
  1. Just click the username and type your message. 

As simple as that, you can send a whisper on Twitch. Anyway, using your chatbox, all you need to do, as mentioned earlier, is to type “/w” and username. You will be directed to a private conversation box. Compose your message to your friend. 

Take note that the process is also the same if you want to see your friend’s previous whisper. Just search for his username and open the conversation box to see his whispers. 

Furthermore, if you have whispered a friend or vice versa, you will see his username added on your list of active conversations. 

Take note that whispers don’t work in Dashboard or Popout chat. This is currently available on the Channel and Directory pages only. 

How to See Whispers

If your friend has previously whispered you but you overlooked it and want to go back to the conversation, all you need to do is to search him using his Twitch user name. You can see the search bar in the whispers list window. If his username appears on the screen, tap it. And there you have it, you can now see your friend’s whispers. 

Wondering if your whispers are saved? Yes, they are. That means that even if someone whispers you while you are offline or away, you can still receive a whisper from a friend. In fact, Twitch plans whispers to be synchronized across mobile and web so that no user will miss a single message. 

How to Receive Whispers

A new window will just appear if someone whispers you. If you are not online, you can still receive whispers. From the moment you opened your Twitch, you will know if someone whispered if you see numbers of whispers beside a username’s conversation. 

How to Manage Whispers

If you don’t want others to whisper you, especially from the potential spammers, Twitch allows you to manage it. You can spam unwanted messages and at the same time, help Twitch in identifying the spammers. Managing who can whisper you can block other messages as they come in. Moreover, you are allowed not to get notifications for a conversation.