How To See Whispers In Mixer

What are whispers in Mixer? How can you see your whispers in Mixer? Can you save them or view past whispers? Are there addons you can use to help manage whispers?


Mixer has really taken off. Not just because Microsoft managed to poach streaming talent from Twitch but because it is actually a very good streaming platform in its own right. It has taken many lessons learned from Twitch and tried to address some of its shortfalls to give us a viable way to stream and watch streams.

What are whispers in Mixer?

On Mixer, a whisper is a direct message. It is similar to how they work on Twitch but you have more control over them on the Microsoft platform. They appear in chat and can be used directly from the chat window rather than having to mouse click or press and select like you do in Twitch.

You can set the color and font of whispers in the configuration menu to make them stand out more or fit into your preferred aesthetic. Either way, a whisper will appear in the chat window and look different enough from regular chat so you notice them.

Whispers in Mixer

To whisper in Mixer, all you need to do is use ‘/whisper’ and type the username. If someone whispers you in the app, you will see it in the main chat window in a different font or color depending on how you have them set up. You will need to enable whispers first though.

Enable Twitch whispers like this:

  1. Select the three dot menu icon in Mixer and select Chat Settings.
  2. Select Personal Preferences.
  3. Toggle Allow Chat Whispers to on.

Where you see Chat Settings, you should then see Personal Preferences, Channel Preferences and Accessibility Preferences. Personal Preferences control how Mixer as a whole works. Channel Preferences will have controls for the particular channel you’re in and Accessibility Preferences are for those that need extra help with sight or sound.

Changing whisper settings in Personal Preferences means you enable it across the entire platform. Consequently, if you get fed up with spammers whispering you, turning it off means it will be disabled across the entire platform.

Can you save or view past whispers?

Mixer doesn’t yet have the ability to save whispers. Neither does it have the same kind of logging that Twitch does. Not yet anyway. There are bots you can use to help manage whispers though. Fortunately, bots work in a very similar way to Twitch and you can use them with the same ease too.

You can view whispers in a current stream by scrolling up the chat window. If you’re on a lively server, this isn’t the most practical solution but will work. If you regularly bot and receive whispers or get caught up in the action and miss them, maybe a bot could be the answer. There are lots of Mixer bots and a few of them will help you manage chat.


Botismo is quite an advanced bot for Mixer and one of the many things it can do is create chat logs. You can include whispers in those logs so you never miss a message. Botismo also has a decent filtering option too which can come in very useful if your channels get a lot of spam or immature trash talk.


Scottybot is also supposed to have a similar chat log feature but I haven’t used it. It was suggested by someone I asked about Mixer so it may also be worth checking out. Even if it doesn’t, quick look at the command list shows a whole host of other features so it could be worth checking out anyway!


Anyone who has run a Twitch channel will know Nightbot. It’s a very powerful bot that can add a ton of features including filters, logs, songs, giveaways, quizzes and a lot of other features. In the context of this article, we are interested in the chat logs. Enable it within Nighbot to keep a record of everything that’s said on your channel whether you’re there or not.

Whispers are a good way to communicate in Mixer but are also spammed by bots or people. It’s a mixed bag in my experience but overall it is too valuable to ignore. Using one of these bots to filter out the trash and keep records of every whisper you receive makes using Mixer much more efficient. If you can keep up with what’s being said while also entertaining your audience, why wouldn’t you use them?

Do you have a preferred chat bot in Mixer? Have a bot that keeps whispers or highlights them for later review? Tell us about them below if you do!