How To See If A Twitch Account Is Inactive

Twitch is a big and thriving community with millions of users around the world. There you can support your favorite streamers, and watch them while they play your favorite games. In addition, Twitch will keep you in the loop with the latest game-related news and events.


All that is needed to have access to all the content is an account. You don’t need to pay anything to open one. Unless you want some extra benefits like emotes and special alerts.

The Twitch community is very active, especially the streamers. They are constantly creating content for you to watch. Sadly, sometimes some people grow tired of Twitch, and for some reason instead of closing the account, they choose not to enter it ever again. 

According to Twitch policies, if a user is not active during 12 or more consecutive months, his or her account is terminated. All his or her personal information is erased, and the username is free for another person to use. In other words, to keep an account, you have to log in at least one time a year.

If you are on the hunt for a new account name, but it is already taken. You can see whether that person is active or not to determine how much time you have to wait until the name is free to be used. You just have to follow the following procedure.

Step 1

Go to and choose the second option from the top down. It is the one that says profile viewer and channel information.

Step 2

Once there, type the user name on the black space, fill the captcha, and hit view profile button. 

Step 3

After a few seconds, some important information about that account will be displayed on the screen. There you can see the user ID, display name, account creation date, and the last time that the account was updated. Usually, accounts that aren’t active have older update dates.

To find the updated date, scroll down till the end of the page.

Sadly, because Twitch is in constant updates, these tools and scripts could stop working without notice. But for now, this tool is working perfectly fine. 

Bear in time that not all accounts are inactive. Sometimes, the owner could change the account name. Which means that the old name will no longer yield any results when you check it. Additionally, if someone changes its account name, the old name can never be used by another person again. 

Twitch is constantly checking the activity of all accounts. When a large number of them are inactive, they automatically delete those accounts. Why? First, it is an easy way to free some space on the server and to give a second chance to the people that wanted a particular name. 

Bear in mind that there is no announcement when Twitch recycles inactive accounts. Therefore, if you are looking for a new name to your account, but it is taken, you have to keep trying until you can use it.