How To See All Comments In Google Sheets

Sharing files and documents is inevitable especially when you’re collaborating on certain projects. This includes adding users or email addresses to specific sheets, docs files, and the like. Thus, giving comments, suggestions, and edits by other peers you’re working with are some of the things that usually happen.


Google Sheets isn’t an exception to that because when you share a specific worksheet with other users, they can also comment on it. Adding them may be easy, but do you know how to view them?

That’s an essential thing you need to learn and so, we’ll teach you all about it in this guide.

1. Open Google Sheets and select the worksheet you wish to check.

Of course, you might already have a lot of completed worksheets or files in your Google Sheets. Thus, make sure to open the right one you need to look at.

2. Go to the specific sheet you need to look into.

Now, you may have multiple sheets in a single worksheet. You’ll see that at the bottom part of your screen, the names of each sheet shows. Click the sheet where you want to view all the comments.

For the example below, I chose to look at the comments on the sheet named “WK33OrderList”.

3. Click the arrow beside the sheet name and select “View Comments”.

Upon clicking the down arrow, read through all the options and hover your cursor into the “View Comments” option.

Or to make it easier for you, simply put your cursor on the sheet name, and a pop-up message similar to what’s encircled in the picture below will show. Notice that there’s a number at the left side of the sheet name. That indicates the total number of comments there is on the page.


After seeing all the comments, you have the option to resolve it once you think that it isn’t necessary there anymore. This feature is a great method that allows communication between you and other peers within the document—it makes everything much more convenient not only for you but for your whole team.

Now that you know about it, you can benefit from this feature by trying it the next time on your Google worksheet!