How To Schedule An Email In Outlook

If Google has Gmail, Microsoft Office has Outlook that offers the same services as the former. Indeed, Gmail is currently the most popularly used email service, but we may not know that there are also many valuable features and tools Outlook can provide.


It’s also one of the platforms that different individuals widely use, and so, if you’re very much familiar with Gmail, then navigating Outlook will already be much easier for you.

When sending emails, a feature allows you to schedule send an email to a specific address or user. If you’re still not comfortable exploring this tool in Outlook, I’ll clearly explain the process to you in this guide.

Outlook for Web

You can open this on your website if you don’t have an Outlook application on your PC. This part of the guide discusses the process of scheduling your email on the web.

1. Go to the Outlook website and compose the email you’ll be scheduling later

To begin, you need to go to the Outlook website and write your message. You can either compose a new email, reply to an email, or forward a message.

2. Click the drop-down arrow beside the send button then select “Send later.”

After you’ve finished writing a message, you should not send it immediately. Instead, click the drop-down button next to it, and pick from the two options: Send and Send Later. You must select the “Send Later” option and wait for a small window to open — it’s where you can edit the schedule.

3. Set the schedule for when you want to send the email.

Choose the date and time you want the recipient to receive the email on the pop-up window that will show. You can either use the drop-down arrow to select a time or manually type your preferred time. 

4. If the time you set is final, click the “Send” button.

If you’re confident that the date and time you entered are correct, click the “Send” button and wait for it to become visible in your sent folders.

Outlook for Windows

If you’re using Windows, you most probably have the Outlook application downloaded on your computer already. It’s the step-by-step process you can follow to send a scheduled email when using your Outlook application easily.

1. Launch the Outlook application on your computer and write the email you will later on schedule.

To start, you have to launch the Outlook application on your computer and compose the message you want to send. It can either be a new email, a reply to a specific email, or a message you want to forward.

2. Select “Options” from the menu bar and click the three horizontally-stacked dots.

After writing your message, click “Options” in the menu bar to bring up a new toolbar. Look for the three horizontally stacked dots on the left-most part of the toolbar; click it to display a small drop-down menu.

3. Select “Delay Delivery” from the options and a new window will appear.

There are three categories in the drop-down menu: Show Fields, Tracking, and More Options. Now, go to the More Options section and select the “Delay Delivery” option to open a new window named “Properties.”

4. Put a check mark on the box beside the “Do not deliver before” option, and choose a date and time.

Under the properties, mark the checkbox beside the “Do not deliver before” option and beside it, make sure to choose a specific date and time you prefer.

5. Close the window and then send your email.

Double-check the schedule you entered, and if everything is in order, close the window and send your email.

Manage Your Emails Efficiently

Scheduling emails help you avoid forgetting about sending them at the appropriate time. Also, this saves you time from outright opening Outlook and beginning to compose and send an email at the time you need to. The layout in Outlook seems a bit different at first, but the good thing about it is that it dramatically serves its purpose as an email service platform for all its users.