How To Save A Google Docs File As A PDF

A lot happens when you’re in the process of writing a document, so being able to move into the stage of saving a file feels like a big accomplishment because it somehow indicates that you’ve successfully finished what you need to do. However, there are certain instances where problems still occur in those times, which can be quite stressful.


It can be because you saved it as the wrong file type and have to do it again, or it just wasn’t completely saved at all. There are different formats when saving documents and the common ones are .docx and .pdf. If you’re interested in how to do the latter, then you’ve come to the perfect guide that can help you.

With just a few steps, the detailed step-by-step process of saving a file as a PDF is already explained.

1. Open the document that you want to save as a PDF.

The first thing you need is to choose which document you want to convert or download into pdf — it can either be an existing one or a newly created document. 

2. Select “File” then click “download”.

On the toolbar above, you will see the option “File” at the upper-left side of your screen. From there, a new small window will pop up where the download button will show.

3. From the download menu, click the option “PDF document (.pdf)”.

After clicking the download button, different options on how you would want to save your work will appear. Among those, make sure to choose the “PDF document (.pdf)” option.

4. Check if the file was saved on your computer.

Now, the only thing left for you to do is make sure that the download has been completed. Open your computer files and check if they showed in the download section.

Final Thoughts

Usually, there aren’t any problems that occur when it comes to saving your file as a PDF copy. However, there may be instances that it could still happen probably due to site or hardware malfunctions. Nevertheless, I hope this guide helped you well in providing you a detailed process about what you need to accomplish in saving your Docs as a PDF file.

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