How To Run Discord As An Administrator

Discord shouldn’t need administrator privileges as it plays nicely with Windows 10 security controls. That said, if you want to run Discord as an administrator, you can do so. You can run any program with admin privileges on any Windows computer that you have sufficient permissions to control. I’ll show you a couple of ways to do just that.


Windows has a couple of levels of access, user and admin. The user can perform basic tasks on the computer but not make any system changes. Anything that changes the way Windows works, interacts with hardware or other software, anything that modifies or could impact security or stability is locked away behind admin privileges.

Windows security

If the computer you’re using it yours, chances are you have admin access to it. Even if you do, Windows 10 still tries to do what it can to protect itself by locking you out of certain functions. That is designed to help maintain stability but can get in the way at times.

This system is referred to as the ‘least privilege’ system that gives Windows accounts the minimum privileges necessary to perform a task. This is designed to stop malware or user error from harming system integrity while allowing you to perform the task you’re there to do.

UAC, User Access Control and the lesser-known Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC) both seek to control what applications can access things like registry, Group Policy and core processes of Windows to try to keep it secure. They limit what programs can do, where they can write changes to, how many and what type of registry changes they can perform, what resources they can access and all manner of other interaction. These security functions are why you may sometimes need to run an application as an administrator.

Run Discord with admin access in Windows 10

As far as I know, there are no functions that Discord needs to perform that require the program to make core changes to Windows. It should run perfectly fine without admin access but if you come up against something that requires admin access, you can provide it in a number of ways.

You will need to have administrator access to your computer in order to make these changes.

  1. Right click the Discord shortcut and select Run as administrator.

That is probably the easiest way to so it. It is situational, so if you’re running an advanced process of some kind you can open it as an administrator and other times just run normally.

You can temporarily open Discord as administrator with a keyboard shortcut too.

  1. Located the Discord app in the Windows Start Menu.

  2. Press Ctrl + Shift and select the Discord icon.

This also opens Discord as an admin and works situationally, so you would have to do it every time you opened Discord.

  1. Right click the Discord shortcut and select Properties.

  2. Select the Compatibility tab and check the box next to Run this program as an administrator.

  3. Select Apply.

This will set the admin privilege permanently.

You can also set Discord to run with admin privileges in the registry

  1. Type ‘regedit’ in the Windows search box and open the Registry Editor.

  2. Navigate to ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Layers’

  3. Select the Layers folder in the left menu and right click an empty space in the right pane.

  4. Select Create New String Value.

  5. Enter the full path to Discord.

  6. Enter ‘~ RUNASADMIN’ as the value data and select OK.

For me, the full path to Discord is ‘C:\Users\jamie\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Discord Inc’ You can find out by finding Discord in the Start Menu, select More and Open File Location. Click in the URL bar at the top to give you the full path.

Turn off User Account Control

If it’s just you who uses the computer, you can always disable UAC if it gets in the way too much. As long as you have a good antivirus, malware scanner and have good internet hygiene, you should be fine turning it off. If you share your computer or have a habit of going to the murkier areas of the internet and downloading random files, perhaps you shouldn’t turn it off.

To turn off UAC, do this:

  1. Type UAC into the Windows search box.

  2. Select Change User Account Control Settings from the menu.

  3. Set the slider to the bottom next to Never Notify.

  4. Select OK to save.

This turns off UAC. It won’t run Discord as an admin but should cure those annoying UAC popups you have to agree whenever you make a system change.

You should never need to run Discord as an administrator, but if you do, you now know how!