How To Return Google Home To Factory Settings

Google Home is home-based assistance that allows you to control Google devices. It also acts as a personal assistant; you can ask it to set up alarms or reminders and put a certain show on TV; it has to be paired with ChromeCast. It can even tell you the weather and traffic in your area! 


With Google Home, you can even control the lights at your house. Of course, you have to pair all other smart devices with your Google Home, or you won’t be able to control anything. It can recognize up to six different voices, and it is incredibly simple to use. Just say “Hey Google” or “Ok Google”, and you will be ready to use your Google Home device; Yes! It is that simple.

Why Should I Reset It?

However, as happens with all electronic devices, your Google Home can malfunction. For example, it could reboot itself constantly due to a software error. Or it could face difficulties to recognize the commands that you speak to it. A factory reset is often the best solution to these kinds of problems.

Another reason to do such reset is when your Google Home can no longer connect to another device or a WiFi network. So far, all these reasons are related to issues with the software. But you could perform a factory reset if you ever want to sell or return your Google Home device.

A factory reset will delete all your personal information, WiFi information, and linked devices. Therefore, to use it again, you have to enter all again, as if it were a new device. That is why you should only do this if there is no other choice. For example, there is no need for a factory reset if you just want to change the device name. 

The factory reset is an extremely simple process. Just grab your Google Home and find the microphone on/off button. It is the only button that the device has so there is no way of not finding it. 

Press and hold the button for at least 15 seconds. Then, when Google’s assistant tells you that the device is resetting, you can stop pressing it.  

If you either have a Google Home Mini or a Google Home Max device, the process is quite similar. Just that in this case, they will have a dedicated factory reset button. Which are located at the bottom, and next to the power plug respectively? Press it for at least 15 seconds, and release it when after hearing the assistant confirmation. 

After the factory reset is completed, you have to configure the device again from the beginning. So before trying this technique, you should consider unplugging Google Home first. Then wait for at least 10 seconds and plug it back again. This is like performing a rebooting and could solve your problem without losing all your data. However, if your device keeps malfunctioning, you will need to reset it.