How To Restart Discord

If you need to know how to restart your Discord app because it’s stuck on a loading screen, won’t open, or just plain won’t respond, this is the article for you.


Today we’re going to teach you how to restart Discord. If you find your Discord app being non-responding, it might be due to any number of reasons. To remedy this, restarting could be an easy fix.

How To Restart Discord With Task Manager

The Task Manager is a built-in tool for Windows that allows you to look into the current processes running on your computer. With this tool, you can easily end and restart any processes and programs, including Discord.

To run the Task Manager so you can restart Discord, follow these steps.

  • Open task manager with CTRL + SHIFT + ESC. You can also use CTRL + ALT + TAB and select “Task Manager” from the menu.
  • Under the Processes tab, select Discord and click End Task on the bottom right hand of the dialog box.
  • Run Discord again to restart it.

How To Restart Discord With Windows SFC

System File Checker, or SFC, is a Microsoft Windows utility that lets users scan for, and restore corruptions in Windows system files. Corruption in these files might cause Discord to freeze and not work properly, so running SFC might be a worthwhile fix.

  • Press the Windows Key and type in “cmd” to bring up the Command Prompt.
  • Once in the command prompt, type in [sfc /scannow] (without the brackets.)
  • Hit “Enter.” Once the SFC is done, you may run Discord again.

How To Restart Discord With Clear AppData and LocalAppData

You may also choose to clear AppData and LocalAppData to see if it will fix your Discord problems and allow you to restart the app. Resetting AppData and LocalAppData is actually very easy!

  • Press Windows Key + R to bring up the Run dialog box.
  • Type in [%appdata%] (without the brackets) and hit Enter.
  • Find the Discord folder, right click, and select “Delete” to delete AppData.
  • Bring up the Run dialog box again, and type in [%localappdata%] (without the brackets) and hit Enter.
  • Find the Discord folder, right click, and select “Delete” to delete LocalAppData.
  • Relaunch Discord to restart it.

Log In With Discord Web

If you’re still having trouble restarting Discord, it might be a problem with your account. To verify this, you’ll have to log into the Discord web version found here.

Log into your Discord account to see if it’s an issue with your account or not. If you manage to log in without any problems, then the issue might be with your installed Discord app and not your account.

Running Discord in Compatibility Mode

Sometimes a simple compatibility fix can help with running Discord smoothly. Doing this is extremely easy, too!

  • Right click your Discord shortcut and select “Properties.”
  • Head to the Compatibility tab and tick the box for “Run this program in compatibility mode for:”
  • Select Windows 8 (for Windows 10 users) or Windows XP Service Pack 3, if you have it.
  • Click “Apply” to exit the dialog box.
  • Run Discord.

Flushing Your DNS to Restart Discord

Flushing your DNS cache might help Discord run better when you restart it. DNS flushing is when a user manually makes all entries in the cache invalud, forcing the computer to download new files for the cache whenever it needs to. This may also add the benefit of resetting your internet connection.

Resetting your DNS is easy and requires only a few clicks, as well as admin access to your computer.

  • Press Windows + R to bring up the Run dialog box.
  • In the dialog box, type cmd then press Enter to run the command prompt.
  • Once in the command prompt, type in [ipconfig/flushdns] (without the brackets.)
  • Hit Enter to flush your DNS cache.
  • Run Discord again to see if it works.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does Discord Keep Freezing?

Discord freezes when it has been updated and new bugs flow in, or because of system incompatibility. To fix this, always sure you have the latest version of Discord, and follow the steps listed in this guide to see if any of these will fix your problem.

How do I fix Discord not responding?

Resetting Discord using the steps listed above can fix Discord not responding. It may also help to reset your PC entirely, to flush out your RAM and allow for a fresh new process of Discord to roll in.

Does Discord slow down my computer?

Discord usually takes up very little memory when running in the background. It should not slow down your PC, but if it does, you may try closing any background apps that you don’t need to free up RAM for Discord to work properly.

Wrap Up

Follow the steps in this guide to restart your Discord. Once you’ve restarted your Discord app successfully, you can now enjoy high-fidelity video and voice calls with your friends, families, coworkers, and everyone in between.