How To Reset Your Twitch Account

There is not a gaming streaming service as great as Twitch. Here, you will find the best game-related videos, and you will interact with a community that has the same hobby as you do; play games.


If you are a streamer, you can earn quite a lot of money by creating content. Of course, it all depends on both the quality and quantity of the streams that you create. Naturally, the more content you make, and the better it is, the more followers you will get. Hence, the more money you will get. Some people stream as their main job!

Obviously, it is easier said than done. Having a channel means to be constantly checking it and keeping your audience happy. This translates into time, and often money. So if you think that streaming is easy, let me be the first to warn you; it is not.

Among the basics maintenance duties that you have to do to your channels is to clean old videos. Why should you want to remove them? Well, to make your channel look cleaner and less overwhelmed by the content. Besides, it is more likely that people will see the most recent videos. Which makes it useless to save streams that are too old. Let’s learn how you can do it.

Step 1

Log into your Twitch account. Once you are inside, click on your profile picture, which is at the top right corner.

Step 2

Click on the Video producer option at the drop-down menu. It should be the fourth option from the top down.

Step 3

After you click the Video producer option, you will be directed to a page where all the videos will be displayed. Now you have to click on the three vertical points, also known as the hamburger icon), that are at the far right of the video bar. Then, head all the way down on the drop-down menu and choose the delete option.

Beware, there is no way of recovering a video that you just have deleted. So it is good to have all your content in either the cloud or in an external storage device in case you need them in the future.

Step 4

Head to the bottom right corner and click on the gear icon. A pop-up menu will appear before you. Click on the clear chat option which is the only option in red, and it is at the bottom of the set of options.

Disabling Your Twitch Account

Another way to delete all the content associated with your account is by disabling it and enabling it again. Of course, this one step too far. 

To disable your account, head to the settings page and scroll all the way down. Click on the disable account option and follow the on-screen instructions.

Now to enable it again, go to and fill the form as shown in the next picture.

Twitch will take up to a week to give you an answer and reactivate your account.

There is no need for disabling your account if you just want to freshen up your channel a bit. So, for that matter, with steps 1 to 5 should be more than enough